Companies that display the most innovative and effective use of business analytics deserve recognition. That is why one organization will receive our Business Analytics Award at this year's symposium. 

Applicant Eligibility Requirements

Eligible applicants are any private or public company, government agency or nonprofit organization that has implemented an analytics system to enhance organizational decision-making or operations. Applicants may nominate themselves for this award, or their solution vendor may nominate them. If you are a solution vendor, you may only nominate yourself if you are submitting an internal implementation that involves more than your own product. Otherwise, you should be listed as a solution provider.

Judging Criteria

IMPACT. What were the tangible results for your organization?

SCOPE. What was the scale of this analytics initiative? Departmental? Divisional? Enterprise-wide?

MATURITY. How well has this concept been adopted in your organization?

INSIGHTS. How has your initiative impacted management decisions?

INNOVATION. How was the solution innovative? Did it drive a new level of excellence?

Tips for Successful Application

Applicants will increase their chances of winning by describing tangible economic, social or environmental impact, especially if expressed in financial returns to the organization.

Applicants will have a minimal chance of winning when they emphasize a sponsor’s product as a key attribute to success.

Answers to the application questions should be succinct, well-constructed, comprehensive and logical, with enough detail to adequately describe the project.

How to apply:

Please submit a maximum 600 word email application based on the criteria above to Sue.Hafkemeyer@loras.edu.

Limit the number of attachments you submit with your application to only those that clearly illustrate a major point.