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The Manatt family has a rich history at Loras College. Merlin Manatt (’50) earned a 2003 Distinguished Alumni Award for professional achievement. His son, Anthony ("Tony"), is a graduate from the Class of 1983. Detlef "Hans" Sleicher, Tony and Piper’s son, is a member of the class of 2010. Loras College is steeped in the tradition of giving back and the Manatt family exemplifies this. Merlin and his late wife, Verna, have participated in fundraising campaigns at Loras dating back to the 1950s. Recently, Loras became the beneficiary of capital and endowment gifts from Tony and Piper. “We wanted to carry on the tradition of our family giving back to a place that is close to our hearts and that established our solid futures,” says Tony, owner of Manatt’s Inc., a construction company specializing in road construction.

Hans Sleichter was the prototypical Loras student. A double major in biology and psychology, Hans will enter Optometry school in Massachusetts this fall. Hans was quite involved with co-curricular activities as a Loras student, including tennis, Dance Marathon, Health Science Club and Habitat for Humanity. He was an All-Sports camper and went on to be a camp counselor for quite some time. “Now my other sons are campers at Loras All-Sports Camp and have been for the last several years,” said Tony.

The initial phase of the Loras Parkway project was made possible in part by a commitment from Tony and Piper. Also, they have endowed a scholarship. The investment in students and faculty is the hallmark of the “Inspiring Lives and Leadership: The Loras Legacy” campaign.

“We hope our giving inspires others to do the same. We need to pitch-in collectively to keep Loras moving forward. I have fond memories of my time as a Loras student and living in Keane Hall. Maybe someday our sons, Beau and Hunter, will continue the Manatt legacy at Loras.”

“I am pleased with the foundation that Loras provided for the Manatt Family,” Tony said. “Piper and I feel privileged to be able to invest in a place where ethics and Catholic faith are paramount.”

Piper Manatt and Anthony “Tony” Manatt (’83)

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