NCAA Student-Athlete Affairs Grant Awarded to Loras College

Loras College Athletics was awarded a $2,000 NCAA Student-Athlete Affairs Grant for the 2012-12 academic year. Loras College Athletics will use the funds provided through this grant to purchase DISC personality assessments for coaches and student athletes to complete. The assessment tool will help each individual, coach or athlete, to assess their personality traits related to the traits of team members to enhance working relationships with others in a group or team setting.

The presentation will be accompanied by a mini-workshop facilitated by Danielle Dodds, Assistant Men's and Women's Soccer Coach. In the mini-workshop and during the presentation attendees come to better understand their individual strengths and weaknesses, the importance of being true to themselves, how to compromise with other personality types, and effective communication between styles. First, all head coaches will view the presentation and take the assessment. Then, in the off season, representatives of each team also will view the presentation, take the assessment, and participate in the workshop.

According to Denise Udelhofen, assistant director of athletics, "We are very excited to receive the NCAA grant. As an athletic department we strive to make our student athletes responsible contributors on and off the field. We feel with this experience we will be able to help all student athletes by training leaders/captains to assist and lead their teammates on a day to day basis. Teamwork and leadership are vital components to all athletic teams and even more as they enter Life after Loras."

"I share Denise's excitement in receiving the NCAA Student-Athlete Affairs Grant. From a coaching perspective, and as a former college athlete, I think it is critical to know what makes you different from others and how you can use those unique traits to make everyone else around you better. I think that first and foremost, receiving this grant is going to help us take the first step in helping our coaches and student athletes begin to answer that question," said Dodds.

The skills learned can be applied not only to the playing field, but also to the myriad of other activities in which these students are involved. Students benefit as critical members of the teams, and also as society's future leaders. The athletics division hopes to collaborate with the Student Life Office in the future in regards to leadership and our student-athletes.
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