These monthly showings are open to the public with a $1.00 suggested donation per person attending the show.
All shows begin promptly at 7:00 pm.

Friday, September 26 
“Neutrino Astronomy”
Ever wondered how the universe was created ...or what its beginnings might have looked like; lots of evidence suggests that ancient cultures told creation mythologies long before recorded history. Recently scientists have detected a tiny particle deep in the ice of Antarctica that might assist with just such an understanding. Join us as we discuss modern models for the creation of the universe, who found this mysterious particle and how it is changing history as we know it.
Presenters: Janak Panthi and Mathias Palmersheim

Friday, October 10 (Homecoming)
“Over 50 Years of Space Exploration”
With just over 50 years since the first human venture into space, we take a look back at the historic Space Race and the leaps in space-travel since. Loras College alum Jeff Heitzman (Systems Engineer for Commercial Human Spaceflight) returns to campus to lead us through this historical journey.
Presenters: Jeff Heitzman, Jason Painter and Mathias Palmersheim

Friday, October 31 (Family Weekend)
“Ghosts and Goblins in the Winter Sky”
Throughout history, ancient people envisioned cultural and religious significance to stars and constellations; their mythological stories tell us much about their early beliefs of the cosmos. Join us as we connect the different constellations in our winter night sky with the cultures whose mythologies have been passed down for thousands of years and due to the occasion we will emphasize the spooky ones!
Presenters: Clairee Schneider, Amanda Elsen and Ben Hedges

Friday, December 5
“The Christmas Star”
The Heitkamp Planetarium will look back in the archaeo-astronomical record to examine possible celestial events that might have produced an object in the sky that could have signified ‘The Star of Bethlehem’.
Presenters: Jason Painter and Clairee Schneider

Friday, February 20 (Sibling Weekend)
“Sustaining Life Outside Earth” 
Is there a possibility of life beyond Earth... this is an age-old question: NASA has been exploring Mars for years and has even found recent evidence for a large salty ocean under the frozen exterior of Europa, a large moon of Jupiter. We will explore what extra-terrestrial life might require and how such life may differ from here on Earth.
Presenters: Clairee Schneider and Jason Painter

Friday, March 20
“The Dancing Lights” 
The Northern Lights are technically known as the Arora Borealis and are observed in the night sky by folks in high northern latitude regions. These beautiful lights appear to dance in the sky and we will explore their multiple beautiful facets as well as discuss their connection to our Sun since they are caused by collisions of the solar wind with the Earth’s magnetosphere, which directs the charged particles towards the Earth’s magnetic Polar Regions.
Presenters: Amanda Elsen and Clairee Schneider

Friday, April 17
“Southern Comfort” 
The Heitkamp Planetarium will explore the oft-overlooked constellations of the southern hemisphere and BYOB (Bring Your Own Blanket) since, if the weather permits, we will continue this visual journey outside under the stars, emphasizing how everyone can explore the night skies for themselves.
Presenters: Mathias Palmersheim and Amanda Elsen and Ben Hedges

Friday, May 8
“Constellations with a Summer Breeze” 
The night sky has been studied by people around the world for thousands of years as a tool for navigation or as a visual aid supporting stories that might reflect a parable. Mythological stories tell us much about these ancient cultures along with their early beliefs about the history of the cosmos. Join us as we connect the different constellations in our summer night sky with different cultures whose mythologies have been passed down for thousands of years.
Presenters: Clairee Schneider and Jason Painter

The Heitkamp Planetarium is pleased to schedule age-appropriate shows for school groups and scout organizations; contact Ms. Peggy Nightingale at Peggy.Nightingale@loras.edu or 563-588-7145 for information and scheduling.
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