Loras College Announces New Study Abroad Program in Lisbon, Portugal

Loras College will launch yet another semester-based study abroad program in spring 2013, in partnership with ISCTE-IUL (The Lisbon University Institute) in Portugal's vibrant capital city. Students will have the unique opportunity to learn Portuguese and take a myriad of classes in English from a range of disciplines ranging from History, Business, Marketing, Political Science, International Relations, Social Work, Economics, and Anthropology.

Loras students participating in the program will be housed in a recently renovated 17th century residence hall or apartments throughout the city with other international and Portuguese students which will present them with endless possibilities to explore the city of Lisbon and country of Portugal.

Loras in Lisbon builds upon the college's previous efforts where 18 students participated in a short-term January program to the city in 2011 led by Dr. Mark E. Kehren, Associate Professor of History and Faculty Director of Study Abroad. The semester-long program aims for students to learn a language, take another course in Contemporary Portuguese History and Culture, as well as enroll in courses for their major(s) in English.

The academic components of the Loras in Lisbon Program, combined with the unique cultural aspects of Lisbon, is an exciting addition to the college's growing semester-long programs at the Dun Laogahire Institute of Design and Technology in Ireland, the University of Botswana, the University of Pretoria in South Africa and the University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

According to Dr. Mark E. Kehren, Associate Professor of History and Faculty Director of Study Abroad, "Spending a semester in Lisbon and studying Portuguese will allow students to feel as if they are able to experience and understand the dynamics of Europe, Africa, and the Americas, because the city is truly at the crossroads of so many different societies and cultures. Lisbon is a dynamic and eclectic capital city that is a mix of old and new world charm. Furthermore, by learning Portuguese, our students will become more globally marketable since Portuguese is the most-widely spoken European language in the world after English and Spanish."
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