City of Dubuque Wins Data Into Action Innovation Award at Recent Business Analytics Symposium

The Center for Business Analytics at Loras College is proud to recognize the first Data into Action Innovation Award recipient, the City of Dubuque, for demonstrating excellence in the use of business analytics, and applying it in innovative ways through its Smarter Sustainable Dubuque initiative.
“The City of Dubuque and our Smarter Sustainable Dubuque partners and volunteers are proud to be the first recipients,” explained Mayor Roy Buol in his acceptance address.
Smarter Sustainable Dubuque is a public/private partnership between the City of Dubuque and a diverse group of partners, including IBM Research, the division of IBM responsible for its “Smarter Planet” campaign. The project was initiated in September 2009 when the City of Dubuque and IBM announced their intentions to make Dubuque one of the first “smarter” sustainable cities in the U.S.  “The goal of this important collaboration is to give Dubuque citizens what they need…reliable information specific to them…to do what they want…which is to save money, conserve resources and support the local economy and environment and, soon, to make decisions about health and wellness,” explained Chris Kohlmann, City of Dubuque information services manager, in her presentation to the symposium attendees.
This initiative is engaging Dubuque residents and businesses who, through advanced technology, are able to voluntarily better manage their use of resources like water and electricity.  Volunteer residents have “smart” meters on their homes or businesses and are able to securely access their usage data down to the hour, to identify behaviors that could allow them to adjust their usage. The City of Dubuque is currently exploring ways to expand the program through pilot studies related to smarter discards and personal wellness.
“Greater Dubuque Development Corporation was proud to sponsor the Innovation Award.  There are many organizations that have implemented very effective analytics programs and it’s important to recognize the commitment that takes and the forward-thinking it shows.  Congratulations to the City of Dubuque for receiving the first Data into Action Innovation Award—the Smarter Sustainable Dubuque program is a great example of how organizations can harness the power of business analytics,” said Rick Dickinson, Executive Director of GDDC.
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