Loras College Beats National Standards Once Again

Loras College is proud to announce the class of 2012 outcomes report.  A record 96.5% of the class report being employed or continuing their education.  76.2% of these Loras graduates are working in a position or industry related to their major.
In an economy when some are questioning the return on an investment in a college education, these statistics and the methodology of reporting detailed metrics are important considerations used to make educated choices about college investment.  Loras College’s dedication to providing accurate, transparent reports counters a national trend in which colleges and universities are being criticized for a lack of transparency.
Moneywatch Magazine carried an article in its July 2012 issue stating that the responsibility colleges and universities have in providing fair, transparent figures is as important as the story those figures tell.  St. Olaf College, a highly regarded liberal arts college in Minnesota, was featured in that story for the comprehensive care it takes in reporting outcomes. Loras is dedicated to using this same care to accurately represent our student success, calculated by using the entire graduating class, not only those who respond to survey inquiries. This gives families the data they need to make an informed decision about their college choice.
The 2012 Loras survey had a 98.2 percent response rate, higher even than St. Olaf’s 92 percent response rate, mentioned in the Moneywatch Magazine article. This is evidence that our graduates are engaged in communicating accurate information to their alma mater.
“Loras consistently graduates students who have the ability to seamlessly enter the professional and graduate school world.  In fact, the percentage of our graduating classes who report employment or continuing education within a year of graduation has been upwards of 92% for the past six years.  Loras is equipping students with the skills and dispositions they need to successfully enter the workforce—and nothing speaks more directly to a highly positive return on investment than this,” noted President Jim Collins (’84).
Loras College focuses on providing and creating relevant experiences for students integrated into and supplementing classroom learning, ensuring that they graduate with the 21st century skills they will need to succeed.  Students from the class of 2012 have used their Loras experiences to enter jobs in their fields, continue their education in top-rated medical, law MBA and other professional programs, while they continue to make a difference in their communities.
Iowa remains the top choice for employment (52.8% of those employed), but was edged by Illinois (28.8% to 26.9%) as the top choice for those continuing education; 72.9% of those employed in Iowa listed it as their home state; 92.9% of those choosing Iowa academic institutions listed it likewise.
“It’s always exciting to hear from our graduated classes about where they are and what they are doing.   Loras College’s Center for Experiential Learning focuses on providing experiences that will help students find a great match when it comes to employment.  The majority of our employed graduates chose to stay in Iowa.  These graduates are making an impact on our state’s economy, and those continuing their education are creating opportunities for themselves to make an impact in many fields, including the medical field, law, social work and the business arena.  We are very proud of our 2012 Duhawks and the ways that they are using their Loras degrees,” said Jeff Roberts, assistant coordinator of career services.
Roberts works alongside a team in the Center for Experiential Learning (CEL) at Loras that is dedicated to supporting students in finding and securing internships, coordinating priceless study away and study abroad opportunities and building job skills through on-campus employment. These experiences, along with the guidance of CEL professionals, faculty and connections to an active alumni network help students to locate and obtain jobs in their fields, after graduation, and, for many, before they graduate.
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