Peosta Siblings Find Loras is Right for Them

It’s great to be a Duhawk!  Just ask the Ney family—this fall, all four of the siblings from Peosta, Iowa, will be attending Loras.  The siblings found that, despite their individual academic and co-curricular interests, Loras was the best fit for all of them.

“I think I did a total of three or four visits to Loras between my junior and senior year; and the more I visited the more it became familiar and I was able to see myself being successful at Loras. Also, Loras was the best option financially considering the academic scholarships available and offered.” said Alicia, a senior majoring in public relations and business.  “I have been involved with Duhawk Dance Marathon all my years at Loras and plan to do the same again this year. I’m a member of the Loras Student Alumni Council. I have done an internship with Two by Two Character Development. I have traveled to Guatemala for a J-term to help build a hospital which was one of the best experiences I’ve had at Loras. I am a Loras Orientation Leader as well, and I got to have my youngest sister Emily in my group during her orientation this past June.”

The Ney family has strong local connections, as owners of Paramount Ambulance and Ney Trucking. The siblings are the first in the family to attend a 4-year college.  Mom, Maria, attended nursing school and worked as an R.N., before becoming owner of Paramount Ambulance, and Dad, Marvin, operated Ney Trucking, then attended NICC to become an EMT-B and Nationally Registered Critical Care Paramedic.

 It was Alicia’s decision to attend Loras that ultimately brought her twin brother Andrew to Loras as well.

“The primary reason I was attracted to Loras College was the comfort of staying close to family and friends as well as continuing to work as an Emergency Medical Technician at Paramount Ambulance. I also raced motocross when I started college and wanted to continue to do that which meant I needed to be close to home so I could still practice after school on specific days,” Andy explained. “My favorite experience at Loras College has been whenever a professor would pull me aside outside of class and tell me how well I was doing in class. Many of the professors in the business department really helped me realize my potential and I thank them for that; it has helped me create career goals that I have begun to pursue.”   Andy will graduate in December as a Management major and plans to pursue a career with Paramount Ambulance.

Christina, a junior majoring in Management, explained how Loras fits her.  “I originally started at another community college out of the area. I’m glad i ended up at Loras after my few days at another college, which wasn't for me.  My greatest surprise about Loras is how far away from home I feel. I’m from Peosta and I thought Loras would be ‘too close to home’, but it is really as far as you make it. I now enjoy going home for those home cooked meals and being able to visit our pets, but Loras has become my second home.”

“I already have a very close relationship with all of my siblings and I didn’t want to lose that closeness by moving far away from them all while they were still together. After doing a tour of the campus I had the opportunity to talk to Matt Jones, the track coach. I have already been involved in track all throughout high school and Coach Jones really sparked my interest in continuing on with track as a collegiate athlete,” explained incoming first year student Emily (’18).  Emily plans to major in Kinesiology/Pre-Med. “Despite how small the school is, it has amazing opportunities. The alumni connections are incredible.”

Loras College has a strong tradition of both legacy students and students who are the first in the family to attend college.  The Ney family story is a great example of the academic and co-curricular diversity Loras offers, providing opportunities for each of the siblings to pursue their unique interests, and remain close to home—and each other.

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