Miller-Meeks Ahead in 2nd Congressional District Primary, Loras College Poll Shows

The Loras College Poll released results Monday showing a strong lead for the now three-time congressional candidate Dr. Marianette Miller-Meeks in the District 2 GOP Primary.  In the previous Loras College poll in early April, Dr. Miller-Meeks led 17 percent to 11 percent in a race that was still forming.
In the Congressional District 2 GOP primary, the results are:
Marianette Miller-Meeks 35.6 percent
Mark Lofgren    12.3 percent
Undecided  50.7 percent

“While Dr. Miller-Meeks is leading in the race, she still has some work to do given that 50 percent of those surveyed were still undecided,” said Associate Professor of Politics and Director of the Loras College Poll, Christopher Budzisz, Ph.D.  While Dr. Miller-Meeks is a familiar name to some, she only announced her candidacy in February of this year.  The other current Republican candidate, Iowa State Representative Mark Lofgren, started his campaign in June of 2013. 
“Looking through the poll results, it is clear that Dr. Miller-Meeks has benefited from her past electoral experience.  While redistricting changed the district from the last time she ran, Miller-Meeks has a strong advantage over Lofgren in name recognition (70 percent to 42 percent),” Budzisz remarked.
Budzisz further commented that, “Whoever emerges victorious in the 2nd Congressional District fight, the Republicans will have a challenge dislodging the Democratic incumbent, Rep. David Loebsack.  Dr. Miller-Meeks has tried unsuccessfully twice before.  The national climate may aid the Republican candidates more than usual this year, but incumbency advantage is a hard thing to overcome in any election cycle.”
The Loras College Poll surveyed 300 likely 2nd Congressional District GOP primary voters May 13-14; district results have a 5.65 percent margin of error. 
  • Survey includes both landlines (80 percent) and cell phones (20 percent). 
  • Lists for the sample included only those who voted in the 2010 Republican primary or 2012 Republican primary.
  • The survey was conducted using live operator interviews through a contracted professional call center
  • In addition, the survey was balanced using historical voting patterns for age, gender and geography.  Script development and methodology used for the survey received input from Republican campaign consultant, Steve Grubbs, and Democrat campaign consultant, Dave Heller. 
For more on today’s announced results, please click here.  
Loras College Poll results from the congressional primaries will continue on May 20 (District 3 GOP) and May 21 (District 1 Democratic and GOP).  A complete copy of all the survey results will be released on May 21.
The Loras College Poll is conducted several times each year.  Loras College faculty and student researchers work as part of the survey research team to develop poll questions, analyze and interpret the data and assist with sharing the final results with local, regional and national media. 
Capitalizing on its location in the politically vital and vibrant state of Iowa, the Iowa Presidential Caucuses serves as a cornerstone of the Loras College Poll, with additional surveys focused on current events, social issues, economic issues, politics and more.
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