Thirteen Loras College Student Films Selected for 2014 Local, Regional Film Festivals

Thirteen Loras College student films were selected to be screened locally and regionally at area film festivals.  Two films were selected for both the Julien Dubuque International Film Festival (April 23-27) and the Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival (April 11-12):
  • Pretty in Pink: Covered in Dirt is a film produced by media studies major Makaila Haase (‘15) (Des Moines, Iowa) and Juanita Bustamante Escobar (‘16) (Bogota, Colombia). The film tells the story of Makaila Haase, who jumped in the driver’s seat for the first time at the age of 12. Since then, she's revved her way to the top of the racing circuit. As one of the few females on the track she has worked hard to advance her career and continues to compete with some of the best drivers in the country.
  • Werner, a documentary by Kylie Clark (‘16) (Dubuque, Iowa) and Matt Resnick (‘15) (Dubuque, Iowa), follows the life of a young lunch-server-bar-worker-band-member-writer, and his struggle to be noticed in a world where everyone is special.
Films selected for the Julien Dubuque International Film Festival (April 23-27) include:
  • Alone by Ted Wittman (’13), Jake Roth (‘14) (Dubuque, Iowa), Lauren DeWitt (’13) and Morgan Heim (‘14) (Dubuque, Iowa) tells the story of a man who follows an elusive woman through the streets of Mobile, Ala.
  • Sojourn by Matt Resnick, Tom Graziano (‘15) (Park Ridge, Ill.) is a comedy about a businessman who gets back to nature.
  • The Writer by Julie VanDynHoven (‘14) (Freedom, Wis.) and Lina Rodriguez (‘15) (Bogota, Colombia) is the story of a writer tries to get permission from an old friend to reveal secrets from their college days.
  • In Which I Wonder What Will Happen to Us by Kylie Clark is a story about loneliness and learning to be okay with it.
  • Howl of Hope by Allisan Ellwood (’14) (Des Plaines, Ill.) and Frankie Mosca (‘14) (Plainfield, Ill.) takes a look at a husky rescue operation in La Motte, Iowa.
  • Tough Cookie by Mareah Adolphs (‘15) (Miles, Iowa) and Lina Rodriguez, is a documentary profiling a cancer survivor.
  • If Only by Shea Wild (‘14) (Des Moines), Connor Stickney (‘14) (Barrington, Ill.) and Mark Fuentebella (‘15) (Westmont, Ill.), is a comedy that takes a look at the problems of keeping up with the other guy.
Films selected for the Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival (April 11-12) include:
  • Tick by Eric Osborn (‘14) (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) Charles Warren (‘14) (Rockford, Ill.), and Mary Agnoli (‘15) (Davenport, Iowa). The film shows a young writer’s new part of herself by a stranger outside her door.
  • Annexation by Jake Roth, Frankie Mosca and Connor Stickney is an independent film that was filmed in Sabula, Iowa, Mount Carroll, Illinois, and Dubuque, Iowa.  The thriller tells a story about three students driving to their spring break destination when their car breaks down, and they are subject to a night of shelter in a seemingly abandoned estate.
  • No One’s Laughing by Connor Stickney tells the story of a male College who returns home from stressful day and turns to drinking. His friends call and invite him to a beer party and he decides to drive. Drunk, he runs over his friend who was walking home from the library.
  • This Balanced Breakfast by Jake Roth tells the story of how Gerald had the perfect day planned. However, one thing was not on his agenda, a good breakfast, especially a glass of orange juice. He soon discovers why it's called the most important meal of the day as every aspect of his perfect day begins to fall apart.
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