January Term 2016 Extensive Travel Courses

BUS-490: Business Seminar
Professor Hugh Graham
Location of travel: San Francisco, California
Course fee: $1,750

This study travel course will focus on development and application of business knowledge, exploration of world class organizations and business leaders, and service to community.  Class activities will include in-depth study of current events, a comprehensive and competitive simulation and in-depth field experience of world class organizations/leaders. Anticipated out-of-pocket expenses include most meals, some entrance fees, and personal shopping. Prerequisites for this course: ACC225, ACC 226, CIT 110, BUS 230, BUS 240, BUS 250, BUS 317, BUS 350. Registration restricted to Senior CIT Management and Business majors. Instructor’s permission required.  3 credits.
COM-385: Art and Dissent: Czechoslovakia
Professor Paul Kohl
Location of travel: Czech Republic
Course fee: $2,250

This course examines ways in which the arts, including literature, music, film, theater, and the visual arts, were used as forms of dissent and resistance in 20th century Czechoslovakia, particularly during the Nazi occupation (1939-45) and Communist rule (1948-89).  Topics include the life and literature of Franz Kafka, the creation and performance of art in the concentration camp at Terezin, the films of the Czech New Wave of the 1960s, the music of the Plastic People of the Universe, and the dissident writings of Vaclav Havel and others in the aftermath of the Soviet invasion of 1968 and how they contributed to the fall of Communism.  The course includes travel to Prague for one week to visit sites associated with Czech history and culture.  Anticipated out-of-pocket expenses include most meals. There are no prerequisites for the course.  3 credits.
EXP-240: Global Service Learning: Haiti (AC)*
Professor Eric Eller
Location of travel: Haiti
Course fee: $2,000
This is a study travel with a focus on learning about Haitian culture through performing community service within that culture. The earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12, 2010 brought to the public's attention the plight of the Haitian people. News coverage was extensive and donations poured in to help. This course explores the situation in Haiti before the earthquake hit, the international response to the disaster, and the current state of affairs.  The course will include significant pre-travel research into the cultural aspects of the destination, including its history, politics, economics, and religion, followed by 8-11 days of travel to immerse within that culture while serving the host community. The service aspect for this course is primarily through building houses, although there are also opportunities for those in pre-medical fields to assist at the medical clinic of the NGO we work with. This is HARD work...hot, exhausting, tiring work and we are staying in a bunkhouse at a medical clinic where there only brief, cold showers. This course is not about being comfortable; to the contrary, we seek to take you out of your comfort zone, because beyond the comfort zone is where much learning takes place. Excursions are tentatively planned to the beach, Sunday morning church, downtown to see earthquake damage, and to the National museum. All meals are included in the course fee. Anticipated out-of-pocket expenses may include work gloves, supplies, and potential immunizations. There are no prerequisites for the course.
*As this is a new course in a new destination, the course is pending insurance approval and a decision will not be decided until at least mid-summer. An alternative location has been planned as back-up. Contact Professor Eller with any questions. Should the current course to Haiti be canceled, students may apply their deposit toward the alternative course location, another extensive travel course (if seats are available), or receive their deposit back in full.
3 credits.
HIS-279: Gandhi the Interfaith Peace-builder (AV)
Professor John Eby
Location of travel: India
Course fee: $3,250
“Gandhi the Interfaith Peace-builder” is a January Term study travel course that links Gandhi’s teachings on non-violence and interfaith peace-building to site visits in India related to his personal history, his historical environment, and the context of religious pluralism in India.  The course will involve community-based learning as students hear lectures from peace-building experts in India, conduct interviews related to understanding the social ecologies of the subcontinent’s diverse cultural landscape, and visit organizations whose mission is to address injustice and religious discord.  Approximately one day of the course will be spent on campus while the other days spent in India or in travel to India.  Anticipated out-of-pocket expenses include immunizations, shopping in country, and possible visa fees. Prerequisites for this course include MOI and all prerequisites for advanced gen eds. This course also qualifies as an elective for the Peace and Justice minor.  3 credits.
PHI-376: Philosophy and the Rise of Christianity (AC)
Father William M. Joensen
Location of travel: Italy
Course fee: $4,000
 This study travel course ventures to Sicily and Rome where love for wisdom has not been left in ruins; participants examine ancient and contemporary Mediterranean cultures and analyze how key concepts, themes, and attitudes of selected ancient philosophers informed theologians and prominent figures of the early Christian era.  Graeco-Roman archaeological sites and theaters are explored in Siracusa, in the famous “Valley of the Temples” in Agrigento, in Taormina (with the volcanic Mt. Etna looming in view), in Palermo, and of course, in the Eternal City, Rome.  In both Sicily and Rome we will be guided through museums, catacombs and churches where early martyrs are venerated and Mass will be celebrated, including in St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican, where we hope to encounter Pope Francis.  Anticipated out-of-pocket expenses include costs of roughly $250 for occasional meals, offerings, and miscellaneous expenses.  Besides the usual advanced general education prerequisites, it is desirable that students would have already taken one philosophy or theology course.  3 credits.
POL-215: Nationalism: Ireland and the 100th Anniversary of the Easter Rising
Professor David Cochran
Location of travel: Ireland
Course fee: $2,250
This course examines nationalism by looking at modern Ireland as a case study. In 2016, the country will mark the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising, which launched the decade of violent nationalist turmoil that produced the modern Irish state. After learning about nationalism generally and the background of Irish nationalism in particular, we will travel to Dublin to explore the 1916 Rising, its aftermath, and how its memory and public commemoration have shaped the political, social, and cultural identity of Ireland up until today. Most of our time will be spent in Dublin, but the course will also include visits to other
parts of the country and to Belfast in Northern Ireland. Anticipated out-of-pocket expenses include most meals and public transportation within the city of Dublin. There are no prerequisites for the course.  3 credits.
SOC-310: Cultural Analysis: Belize
Professor Rick Anderson
Location of travel: Belize
Course fee: $3,750
This study travel course explores Belizian culture emphasizing inequality by examining social, historical, political, and economic issues. Located South of Mexico and East of Guatemala on the Caribbean Sea, this small country (about 1/3 the size of Iowa) offers a fascinating mix of culture. Unique physical features from the Maya Mountains with their extensive cave systems, to rainforests hiding many Maya ruins, to the Belize Barrier Reef shape the lives of distinct ethnic groups each retaining elements of its own culture. The course immerses students in Belizian culture, includes excursions to a wide range of culturally rich sites, and studies several ethnic groups in Belize. Students will engage in service learning, hear guest lectures, interact with a variety of local experts and create a once in a lifetime experience. The climate is typically warm and humid though some nights may be cool. Some required activities will be strenuous. All travel and most meals in Belize are included in the course fee. Anticipated out-of-pocket expenses include four lunches, personal expenses such as souvenirs, additional food or beverages, gratuities ($50-60), and optional activities like snorkeling ($50). Prerequisites for this course include SOC 101 or SOC 115 before January 2016.  3 credits.
SPW-265: Remembering the Disappeared*
Professor Kate McCarthy-Gilmore
Location of travel: Argentina
Course fee: $3,500
SPW 265: Remembering the Disappeared is a study travel course to Buenos Aires, Argentina which will examine Argentina’s national interpretation of the “Dirty War,” a social reorganization process which ravaged the country from 1976 to 1983. This course will explore the national mood before the coup as well as the ideology and violent tactics of the military regime governing Argentina during that time. These foci will guide the class in analyzing the larger theme of social, economic, and political resistance during the Dirty War as well as the modern desire in Argentina to create spaces of social memory that preserve the history of the Disappeared and their families. During our time in Buenos Aires we will explore official spaces of national memory, analyze the relationship between modern national identity and the Dirty War and examine how other minority identities struggle to fit into the national narrative based around memory and resistance. Anticipated out-of-pocket expenses include most lunches and dinners while traveling. There are no prerequisites for the course.  
*Spanish is not required for this course, but course credit will count toward the Spanish major and minor. 3 credits.


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