Pre-Professional Student Application Information

Application Process

Students begin the application process to the athletic training program during the fall semester each year.  The process starts with three components:
  1. 30 observation hours - These hours are completed on the Loras campus with the four athletic training staff.  The purpose of these hours is for the students to be exposed to the students and staff that are a part of the program.  This will allow the prospective student to observe what life as an athletic training student will be like.  20 hours must be completed by the end of February.  The remaining 10 hours must be finished by the end of the academic year.  The student is evaluated during the observation hours on their professionalism, interest and interactions with the staff.  
  2. 1-2 page essay - This essay should be written to describe why the student is applying to the athletic training program.  The essay is evaluated on writing quality and reasons the student indicates for their application
  3. Interview - An interview with the athletic training selection committee is completed at the end of February.  The selection committee is made up of the program director, staff athletic trainers associated with the program and three current athletic training students.  The students performance during the interview is evaluated.

The evaluation scores from the observation hours, essay, interview along with the grades are used to determine acceptance into the program.  A student must score at least 70% on the observation hours, essay and interview and have a GPA of 2.25 or higher to be accepted. 

Upon acceptance, a student must provide the following:
  1. Signed technical standards form - this form is available from the program director
  2. Complete physical exam form - this form is available from the program director
  3. Proof of Hepatitis B (at least first shot in sequence), MMR and Tdap (Tetanus with pertussis) vaccination. A written copy from the student's physician or a signed immunization form (available from program director) is required
  4. Proof of CPR and AED certification
  5. Passed background check
  6. Cumulative GPA above 2.25 during the student's previous academic work and a B- or higher in either SSC 140 or ATR 130.
Athletic Participation
Students are allowed to participate in athletics while completing a degree in athletic training at Loras College.  Upon acceptance into the athletic training program, the student and program director will develop a specialized plan for the completion of all program requirements. 

Transfer Policy
Students wishing to transfer to the Loras College Athletic Training program from a school without an accredited program must meet the same admission criteria as a student already at Loras College.  The only exception will be observation hours.  These hours can be done at another college, hospital or clinic.  When applying to Loras College, the student should contact the program director to begin this process.    

Students in good standing and full admission to a CAATE accredited program can transfer directly into the Loras College athletic training program.  A review of their college transcripts will determine their placement within the program. A letter from the student's current program director indicating their standing within the athletic training program is required.

Retention Policy
The students enrolled in the Athletic Training Program must meet the following minimum standards of scholarship:
  1. Maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.6 on all course work required for the athletic training major.
  2. Earn a grade of no lower than C- in all major courses
Once a student’s major GPA has fallen below 2.6, the Program Director will place this student on academic probation.  The student will have to have a GPA of 2.6 or greater on all required courses for the athletic training major attempted during the following semester.  If this GPA is achieved the student will be taken off probation.  Two successive semesters below 2.6 will result in dismissal from the program. 

All policies, fees, and additional program information can be found in the Athletic Training Program Handbook.
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