Loras College Fast Fact Sheet for Health Science and Biology

Pre-Professional Program Title: Physician Assistant

Loras Faculty Advisor: Tom Davis, Biology Dept. phone: 7767

Years of College Here Required for Admission to Program at Another School:

Usually 4 years with a B.S. or B.A. degree

Suggested Loras Majors: Any major is possible if the prerequisite courses are completed; most students major in Biology, Biology Research or Chemistry.

Undergrad Courses Needed for Admission: 12 semester hrs of Biology with lab including 1 semester of each of the following: Human Biology, Anatomy/Physiology, Microbiology; suggested: 1 sem of Genetics and Biostatistics; 8 sem hrs of Chemistry with lab including 1 sem of Gen. Chemistry and Organic Chemistry; suggested: 1 sem of Biochemistry; 6 sem hrs of English including 1 sem of Composition and Speech/English Lit.; 6 sem hrs of Psychology.

Schools To Which Loras Sends Its Graduates: U. Iowa (Master’s program),

U. Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences (Des Moines), St. Ambrose

% of Loras Applicants Admitted in last 3 years: 80% (8 of 10)

Minimum GPA of Successful Entrants: 3.4

Other Suggested Requirements for Admission: Many schools require 500 -1500 clock hours of past medical experience with direct patient contact like EMT, nursing, med. tech, volunteer services, phlebotomy, etc. Different states and schools have widely varying requirements. References are generally required. Interviews and GRE scores may be required.

Specific Comments on this Program at Loras: Many Loras students overlook this health science occupation. It is NOT a program for frustrated pre-med students who failed to gain acceptance to medical school. Students should research the history and purpose of the P. A. program. Many more P.A.s will be needed in rural and inner city health care in the future.

General Information About This Program AFTER Loras: The PA program is usually a 2 year professional training program. National certification exams must be passed to get one’s PA license. The PA program only started in the U.S. in 1965. Predictions say that this occupation may experience a large increase in positions in the next 10 years. Salaries have risen considerably in recent years. P.A.s most commonly work under a doctor’s supervision but can work independently with an M.D. as an advisor.

More regular hours are one benefit of this occupation.

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