Loras College Fast Fact Sheet for Health Science and Biology

Pre-Professional Program Title: Pre Medicine

Loras Faculty Advisors: Dr. Tom Davis (588-7767), Dr. David Speckhard (588-7133)

Medical School 4 year timeline

Years of College Here Required for Admission to Program at Another School: Usually 4, sometimes 3

Suggested Loras Majors: Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, English
Any major that they have personal interest in
(there is no premed major)

Undergrad Courses Needed for Admission:
Intro Biology, Physiology, Cell Biology, Genetics, Pre Calculus Math, 2 semesters of Gen. Chemistry, 2 semesters of Organic Chemistry, English composition, Humanities, 2 semesters of Physics, Biochemistry

One semester of calculus is recommended;

Schools To Which Loras Sends Its Graduates:

U. Iowa (for Ia residents), U. Wisc. Madison (for Wis. residents), U. Illinois (for Ill. residents), U. of Osteopathic Medicine in Des Moines, Medical College of Wisconsin, and several Chicago medical schools

% of Loras Applicants Admitted in last 3 years: 75

Minimum GPA of Successful Entrants from Loras: 3.4 above 3.7 to be competitive

Other Suggested Requirements for Admission: above avg. MCAT scores, health center patient contact and/or work experience (paid or volunteer), research internships, campus/community experience/leadership positions working with people.

An MCAT Review Session is available for Loras students.

Specific Comments on This Program at Loras: There is no preferred premed major. In fact, premed students should choose a major which best suits their own interests and abilities and which could lead to a satisfying career if they do not end up going to medical school. Currently, medical schools are looking for applicants with more rounded backgrounds in humanities and non-science interests. However, students must still take science courses that prepare them for the MCAT (medical college admissions test). Premed students can join a student Health Science Club which sponsors activities like hospital visits and volunteer programs, local physicians and current medical students come as speakers and community service projects for the American Lung or American Cancer Society.

General Information About This Program AFTER Loras:

Medical school itself lasts four years. Graduates then enter a residency program (3 yrs or more) to do advanced training and qualify for a medical specialty.

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