Loras College Fast Fact Sheet for Health Science and Biology

Pre-Professional Program Title: Pre Nursing (B.S.N.)

Loras Faculty Advisor: Tom Davis, 7767

Years of College Here Required for Admission to Program at Another School: Need a 4 year degree from Loras to be eligible to enter an Accelerated Bachelor of Nursing degree program. This degree can be in any major but should include a strong background in science including the courses listed below.

Suggested Loras Majors: Biology, Biology Research, Chemistry, Psychology, English
any major of personal interest to the student
(there is no pre-nursing major)

Undergrad Courses Needed for Admission: 1 course in each of the following: Sociology, Gen. Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Ethics or Bioethics, Nutrition, Microbiology, 2 sem. of Chemistry, Vertebrate Physiology, Human Anatomy, CPR, computer literacy.

Schools To Which Loras Can Send Its Graduates: Loyola Chicago, Marquette, Creighton, U. of Iowa; St. Louis University, Vanderbilt

% of Loras Applicants Admitted in last 3 years: 100% 1 of 1

Minimum GPA of Successful Entrants: 3.4 is typical;

Other Suggested Requirements for Admission: G.P.A of 2.5 or above

Specific Comments on this Program at Loras: The Loras degree will qualify you for entry into the Accelerated Bachelors of Nursing program at these schools. The Loras degree should include the above science courses, some volunteer work, service opportunities and some clinical experience though not required.

General Information About This Program AFTER Loras: People start in mid May after they graduate and go for 12 straight months through the summer to receive their degree the next May. Some programs may be 18 months. The University of Iowa program starts in January. Completing this program qualifies them for more specific training in advanced nursing programs like Nurse Practitioner, Cardiac Rehab nursing, intensive care nursing, neonatal nursery care and many more. Currently there is a huge nursing shortage and this kind of degree can get you a job anywhere in the setting of your choice. Many local health care clinics and HMOs have large generous scholarships available for people who enter these programs to help them pay for the costs of their training.

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