Loras College Fast Fact Sheet for Health Science and Biology

Pre-Professional Program Title: Pre Physical Therapy

Loras Faculty Advisor: Tom Davis, Biology Program, 7767

Years of College Here Required for Admission to Program at Another School: 4 years when entering a Master’s program.

Suggested Loras Majors: Biology, Biology Research, Chemistry, Psychology,

Sports Science; PT is a professional program; any major is acceptable as long as student has taken the required prerequisite courses. There is NOT a declared pre physical therapy major.

Undergrad Courses Needed for Admission: Requirements vary but in general: 4 semesters of biology including physiology, 2 semesters of general chemistry, 2 semesters of physics, 1 sem math, 1 sem statistics, 2 sem psychology; some schools include humanities, english, sociology, organic chemistry.

Schools To Which Loras Sends Its Graduates: U. Iowa, St. Ambrose, U. Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences (Des Moines), U. Health Sciences/Chicago Medical School, Rockhurst (Kansas City), Mayo, Slippery Rock State (Pa)

% of Loras Applicants Admitted in last 3 years: 69% (15 of 22)

Minimum GPA of Successful Entrants: 3.3

Other Suggested Requirements for Admission: Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.7 required; GPA of 3.4 is needed to be competitive; Avg. GPA of students admitted to PT school is about 3.5. Students MUST work or volunteer in a PT clinic or department before admission. A variety of clinical experiences are recommended.

Specific Comments on this Program at Loras: Most students at Loras opt to complete their B.S. here and enter a M.S. program for their PT training. Students are encouraged to find jobs or volunteer at PT clinics in Dubuque. Dubuque has 2 hospital PT departments and five outpatient PT clinics (including 2 sports medicine clinics) to choose from. A shadow program for 1 credit is in place that allows the student to follow a therapist in the workplace to observe the job on site. Loras also has a PT student club which invites physical therapists in for lectures, tours local PT clinics and takes an annual trip to a PT workshop in Iowa City.

General Information About This Program AFTER Loras: After satisfying the admission requirements the student will apply to the PT schools of their choice to start a 2 or 3 year professional training program. There are 125+ schools nationally to choose from. About 50% offer the training at the bachelor’s degree level and 50% at the master’s degree level. Students will be admitted into a PT program on a competitive basis.

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