The following is a list of graduates from our physics program.  Please forgive any mistakes and omissions.  We encourage you to send corrections and updates to us.  The list is in reverse chronological order.  Each alumnus/alumna is listed according to the year they graduated from Loras College.

2001 Graduates:
  • Parks, Sarah, 1997-2001. Graduate student in physics at Creighton University. Sarah can be reached at
1996 Graduates:
  • Puetz, Michael 1992-1996 Dubuque Stamping & Manufacturing Inc., Manufacturing Engineer (  Senior Thesis (1996):  Utilization of Matlab in Solving Physics Problems.
  • Stecklein, Jason 1992-1996 M.S. Physics, Iowa State University. Senior Thesis (1996): Fourier Transform Analysis for Size Classification of Metal Parts. Now teaching physics at Clarke College and Loras College.
1995 Graduates:
  • Connelly, Terence 1992-1995.  U.S. Marine Corps recruiter in the Minneapolis area.  Senior Thesis (1995): Noninertial Coordinate Systems and Air Navigation.

1994-1991 Graduates: none

1990 Graduates:
  • Murphy, Timothy 1986-1990.  M.S. Physics, N. Carolina State U. or University of Illinois.  National Magnet Laboratory, Florida State University.  Senior Thesis (1990):  Laser Ablation of a Y1Ba2Cu3 Superconductor (based on a Science Semester at Oak Ridge National Laboratory).
1989 Graduates:
  • Downing, Jeffrey 1985-1989.  M.S. Creighton.  Second M.S.  Teaches high school physics in Illinois.  Senior Thesis (1989): Development of College-Level Electricity Experiments using Large Capacitors.
  • Graham, Charles 1985-1989.  U.S. Air Force Reserve, navigator, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Senior Thesis (1989):  An Introduction to the Physics of Flight.
1988 Graduates:
  • Pommerich, James 1984-1988.  M.B.A. Purdue.  Financial Analyst, Ford Motor Company, London, U.K.  Recently in Greece, now in Chicago.  Senior Thesis (1988):  Analyzing the Impulse of Collisions through use of a Force Transducer.
  • Rustad, Kent 1984-1988.  Vice-President, Barcodes Midwest in St. Louis, Missouri ( Graduate school, University of Missouri-Rolla.  St. Louis, MO;  St. Louis Business Forms.  Senior Thesis (1988):  The Use of Spreadsheets in the Solution of Physics Problems.
1987 Graduates:
  • Tighe, Richard 1983-1987 Ph.D. Physics, Notre Dame. Dept. of Energy, senior scientist.  Senior Thesis (1987):  Fourier Analysis of the Human Voice.
1986 Graduates:
  • Shey, Daniel 1982-1986 M.S. Metallurgy, Iowa State U.  Senior Thesis (1987):  Design, Production, and Calibration of an Inertia Wheel.  M.B.A.
1985 Graduates:
  • Irby, Victor (Vic) 1981-1985 Ph.D. Physics, U. of Missouri-Rolla.  Senior Thesis (1985):  Laser Spectrum Analyzer and Frequency Mode Separations.  Professor of Physics, University of South Alabama.
1984 Graduates:
  • Entringer, Tony 1980-1984 Ph.D. Physics, Iowa State U.  Deceased.
  • Leahy, Joseph 1980-1984 Ordained a priest, 1988.
  • Luedtke, Louis 1980-1984 Bendix/Allied, Dallas, TX.
  • McCarron, Kevin 1980-1984 Ames Laboratory, Iowa State U.
  • Ronk, Robert 1980-1984 M.S. Physics, Creighton U. Wasatch Power Supplies.  Murray, Utah.
1983 Graduates:
  • Bridge, Bill.  1979-1983.  Electrical Engineering, University of Iowa.
  • Goodman, Douglas 1979-1983. MCI, Cedar Rapids, IA.
  • Holme, Tom.  Ph.D. Chemistry, Rice University.  Teaches at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
1980-1982 Graduates: ?

1979 Graduates:
  • Henriksen, Paul.  University of Illinois, physics.  Los Alamos (History of Physics project).  James Madison University, Virginia.
  • Kress, Bob.  M.B.A. University of Iowa.  Dubuque, IA.
1978 Graduates: ?

1977 Graduates:
  • Sarther, Jim 1973-1977. B.S. Mechanical Engr., U. of Detroit, 1977. B.S. Physics, Loras College. Sargent Lundy, Chicago, IL.
1976 Graduates:
  • Apel, Tom.  M.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Wisconsin.  Collins Radio, Cedar Rapids, IA.  Sunnyvale, CA.  1996:  Plano, TX, Texas Instruments microwave semiconductor group, which has become part of Triquint Semiconductor.  2000:  Hillsboro, OR, Triquint Semiconductor, senior staff and manager of an advanced development group.
  • Fries, Ted.  Gateway Transportation.  Peosta, IA.
  • Kroupa, Doug.  Bell System, Naperville, Illinois.
  • Stierman, Roger.  M.S. Materials Science, Iowa State University.  1982 Ph.D. Materials Science, Iowa State University. Texas Instruments, DSPS Packaging Development: Si TRAC (Silicon Technology Ramp & Advanced Characterization) Branch.  Roger works on the materials and processes used to encase ICs to protect them against damage and humidity.
1975 Graduates:
  • Horrell, John.  Fort Dodge, IA.
  • Krueger, Mark.  M.S. Physics, Drake University.  Factory Mutual Engineering and Research, Southfield, MI.
  • Ouderkirk, Dennis.  Donohue & Associates, Plover, WI.
1974 Graduates:
  • Augutus, John.  Rockford, IL.
  • Freiburger, Mike.  John Deere Dubuque Works and farming.
  • Schlader, Dan.  Lynchburg, VA.
1973 Graduates:
  • Averkamp, Terry.  Fullbright Scholar.  University of Iowa, space research labs.
  • Killick, Charles.  Civil Engineering degree.  Denver, CO.
1972 Graduates:
  • Brucker, John.  West Des Moines, IA.
  • Cole, Dave.  Denver, CO.
  • Hoxmeier, Terry.  Air Force.  Dubuque, IA.
  • Mescher, Mike.  Double major in Physics and German.  M.A. in German, University of Iowa.  Air Force.  Pastor at Nativity Church in Dubuque.
  • Nelson, Pete.  M.S. University of Wisconsin.  M.D. Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, anesthesiology.
  • Stierman, Tom.  M.S. in Education from the University of Wisconsin - Platteville; teaches physics at Wahlert High School, Dubuque.
  • Strubel, Jay.  Mt. Carmel High School, Chicago, teacher and wrestling coach.
1971 Graduates:
  • England, Steve.  Banner Iron, St. Louis, MO.
  • Gartner, Mike.  U.S. Army.  Ph.D. Iowa State University.  Postdoc at Colorado.  Oil exploration, Gearhart-Owen.   Pearland, TX.
  • Kasel, Karl.  Appliance repair, Scherrman's, Dyersville, IA.  Since about 1990:  engineering technician, Nippon Denso, Vista, CA, wireless communications development.
1970 Graduates:
  • Biver, William.  M.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Michigan.  Thermolyne, Dubuque.
  • Buckley, David.  Cedar Rapids, IA.
  • Droessler, Justin.  Honeywell.  Minneapolis, MN.
  • Hammell, Thomas.  Elgin, MN.
  • Schrier, William.  M.S. University of Wisconsin.  Dubuque Police Force.  Assistant Branch Manager, Equitable Savings, Seattle, WA.  Property appraising.
1969 Graduates:
  • Aldinger, Keith.  M.D. University of Iowa, 1973.  Houston, TX.
  • Freund, George Jr.  Ph.D. University of Nebraska. Worked at Boeing in Seattle. Passed away in 2002. The department now has an endowed scholarship in George's name.
  • Mans, John.  Transmitter technician, KYIN-TV Iowa Educational Broadcasting Network.  Riceville, IA.
  • Masson, James.  Baleton, MN.
  • Rehak, Dale.  M.S. Iowa State University.  National Security Agency.  Manassas, Virginia.
  • Stierman, Don.  Graduate studies at Stanford (M.S. and Ph.D. in geophysics), assistantship involving the support of a seismograph; Peace Corps in Honduras (archaeology via geophysics); professor at the University of California - Riverside, Superfund cleanup work; professor at the University of Toledo (Ohio), department of geology; dstierm@geology.utoledo
  • Tauke, Glen.  M.S. Physics, Michigan Tech.  Electrical Engineering, Virginia Polytech.  Worked on Voyager I mission, attitude-control.  Boeing.  Montrose, CA.
1968 Graduates:
  • Anderson, Thomas.  M.S. University of Illinois.  Sterling-Rock Falls high school system.  Sterling, IL.
  • Arch, Dennis.  West Chester, Ohio.
  • Grody, Edward.  Des Plaines, IL.
  • Wild, Thomas.  M.S. University of Dayton.  Government Avionics Research Lab, Wright Patterson.  Fairborn, Ohio.
  • Zingaro, R. Nicholas.  Civilian teacher with the American Armed Forces in Iceland.  Chicago, IL.
1967 Graduates:
  • Banowetz, Virgil.  M.S. Iowa State University.  Coast Guard.  Computer specialist, Kappa Systems.  North Hill, PA.
  • Disterhoft, Steven.  M.S. and M.D. in Medical Physics, University of Wisconsin.  Hematology.  Carney Hospital, Boston, MA.
  • Farnan, David.  M.S. Management Science, Farleigh Dickinson.  Electronic Engineer, Fort Monmouth, New Jersey.
  • Klinkner, John Anthony.  Associate Vice President, American Republic Insurance Company, Des Moines, IA.
  • Lawler, Dennis.  Air Force.  M.S. Meteorology, University of Wisconsin.  Air Quality Unit, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, Springfield, IL.
  • Poduska, Ervin.  M.S. Iowa State University.  Was chair, Physics Department, Kirkwood College, Cedar Rapids, IA. Deceased.
  • Vorwald, Richard.  Eska Company, Dubuque.
1966 Graduates:
  • Anderson, Joseph.  U.S. Navy.  Manager, Missile Electronics Section, Naval Laboratory (Trident missile).  Bloomington, IN.
  • Knobbe, Kenneth.  St. Louis, MO.
  • Ocken, Robert.  Anaheim, CA.
  • Rusch, David.  Ph.D. Astrogeophysics, Colorado, 1972.  National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO.
  • Schroeder, Franz.  M.D. Radiology.  Littleton, CO.
1965 Graduates:
  • Carr, Bill.  IBM.  Rochester, MN.
  • Gianoli, Steve.  Hudson, WI.
  • Hefel, Dick.  Taught at Wahlert High School, Dubuque.
  • Lechtenberg, Leon.  General Electric, environmental engineering support and testing.  Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Schoening, Steve.  Trane Company.  Elmhurst, IL.
1964 Graduates:
  • McHale, Michael.  Citrus Heights, CA.
  • Morrey, Alfred.  Houston, TX.
  • Roussopulos, John.  Pasadena, CA.  Lemont, IL.
1963 Graduates:
  • Barrett, John.  Woodstock, IL.
  • Boyle, Dave.  Ph.D. Iowa State University.  Was chair of Physics department, St. Thomas More College, Covington, KY. Now working with G.E. in the Cincinnati area.
  • Cronin, John.  Canatillo, TX.
  • Eriksen, John.  Indianapolis, IN.
  • Schlack, Fred.
  • Spahn, Bob.  Senior physicist, Eastman Kodak.  Webster, New York.
  • Tauke, John.  Bell Labs, Allentown, PA.
1962 Graduates:
  • Byrnes, Charles.  Northwestern Bell, Des Moines.
  • Faust, Ron.  Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering, Notre Dame.  Taught at St. Mary's College, Indiana.  Koininea Partners community near Americus, GA.
  • Kalishek, Dick.  U.S. Air Force, systems engineer.  Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland.
  • Klazura, Jerry.  M.S. Meteorology, Texas A&M.  Data Manager, Project Skywater (cloud seeding), U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Denver, CO.
  • Maiers, Jerry.  M.A. Theology.  Teaching in Racine, WI.
  • McFadden, Jim.  Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering, Iowa State University.  Energy, Inc., Idaho Falls, Idaho.
  • Riddle, Fred.  Apollo project, Houston, Texas.
  • Schaefer, Joe.  M.S. University of Toledo, 1964.  Ph.D. Physics, Northwestern University, 1972.  Taught in the department from 1964-1967, 1972-1999.  Professional Engineer, PE, 1983.  Teaches in the Department of Aerospace Engineering, Iowa State University.  Lives in Ankeny, IA.
  • Stokesberry, Dan.  National Bureau of Standards.  Ijamsville, Maryland.
1961 Graduates:
  • Blondin, Dennis.  Naperville, IL.
  • Gensler, Phil.  Computer Sciences Department, West Texas State University, Amarillo, TX.
  • Kramer, Jerry.  Dyersville, Iowa.
  • Lichter, Jim.  U.S. Navy.  Galita, CA.
  • Yost, William Rusty.  Executive Vice President of Research and Development, Electronic Precision Industries (printing drums for high speed computers), Laguna Hills, CA.
1960 Graduates:
  • Barth, Henry.  IBM.  Boulder, CO.
  • Bengford, Norm.  Lockheed.  San Jose, CA.
  • Hohnecker, Lynn.  German aircraft and space program.  Munich, Germany.
  • Kauth, Robert.  Blue Grass, IA.
  • Koloc, Paul.  College Park, Maryland.
  • Kunkel, John.  IBM.  Rochester, MN.
  • Necker, John.  Austin, TX.
  • O'Hare, J. Michael.  M.S. Purdue.  Ph.D. SUNY.  Teaching at the University of Dayton, Dept. of Physics.
1959 Graduates:
  • Cash, Dan.  Taught in the department from 1963-1967.  Ph.D. Geophysics, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.  Taught at the University of Oregon and at Texas Tech in Lubbock, Texas.  Research at Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, New Mexico, seismic detection. Dan can be reached at
  • Kopp, Jay.  M.S. University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1961.  Ph.D. Physics, Northwestern University, 1967.  Taught in the department 1961-1964, 1969-2002.  Research associate, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, Switzerland, 1967-1969.  Dubuque, IA.
  • Lyness, Eugene.  Curriculum coordinator, Burlington Community Schools, Delran, New Jersey.
  • McClean, Phil.  M.S. in Physics, University of Iowa, 1967.  M.S. in Applied Mathematics, University of Iowa, 1972.  Retired from U.S. Public Health Service, 1 October 1997.  Lives in Potomac, MD.
  • Reilly, Tom.  Vice President, East Dubuque Savings Bank.  American Trust and Savings Bank, Dubuque.
1958 Graduates:
  • Heidersdorf, Sid.  Juneau, Alaska.
  • Kauth, Richard.  Ypsilanti, MI. Passed away in 1988.
  • O'Hara, Joe.  M.S. Physics, Catholic University, 1964.  M.A. 1976.  Ph.D. Sociology, Emory University, Atlanta, GA.
  • Oppold, James.  Morgantown, West Virginia.
  • Speltz, Leonard.  General Dynamics.  Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA.
1957 Graduates:
  • Hesselman, Paul.  Tolono, IL.
  • Kuehn, Gregory.  U.S. Naval Officers School.  Porter Company.  Costa Mesa, CA.
  • Kutsch, Vic.  Radar department, Naval Research Labs.  Washington, D.C.
  • McCue, Joe.  Health Physics Department, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.
  • Walsh, Ed.  IBM.  Rochester, MN.
1956 Graduates:
  • See, Lorenzo. Manila, Philippines.
1955 Graduates:
  • Ferleman, Paul.  Mason City, IA.
  • Miller, Frank.  M.B.S. Physics, University of Colorado.  Taught in the department from 1964-1994.  Dubuque, IA.

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