Division of Business & Economics
Doug Gambrall, Ph.D., Chair

Students must earn a cumulative average of 2.00 or better in all L.ACC, L.BUS, and L.CIT courses and complete a minimum of 12 credits of upper level courses in their major (beyond core and supporting) at Loras College, including the capstone course.

Please Note:
Students must get PRIOR written permission to transfer in credit once they have matriculated at Loras. Students wishing to take a summer school class on another campus must get written permission from the Chair BEFORE taking the class. If a student has taken courses on other campuses and then transfers to Loras the Division chairperson may make a determination of those transfer credits.

Internships cannot be used to fulfill electives for any major or minor in this Division.

Students should complete their major’s math requirement (L.MAT-113: College Algebra or L.MAT-117 Pre-Calculus or above) by the end of their sophomore year. Since students who are double majoring within the Business & Economics Division will not be taking L.BUS-490 more than once, they need to complete an additional upper level course in either major to replace the second capstone course.

Requirements for the major in Marketing (B.A.):
Req Course Cr's
1   L.ACC-227: Managerial Accounting 3
2   L.ACC-228: Financial Accounting 3
3   L.BUS-230: Principles of Management 3
4   L.BUS-240: Principles of Marketing 3
Select one from Req 5
5   L.BUS-250: Business Statistics 3
5   L.BUS-255: Essentials of Analytics 3
6   L.BUS-317: Business Law I 3
7   L.BUS-350: Principles of Finance 3
Select one from Req 8
8   L.CIT-110: Computing & Information Technology Basics 3
8   L.CIT-111: Accelerated Computing & Info Tech Basics 3
9   L.ECO-221: Principles of Microeconomics 3
10   L.ECO-222: Principles of Macroeconomics 3
11   L.MAT-113: College Algebra-FM or L.MAT-117 or higher 3 to 4
12   L.COM-330: Business Speaking and Writing 3
13   L.BUS-343: Marketing Management 3
14   L.BUS-447: Marketing Research 3
Select two from Req 15
15   L.BUS-344: Sales Management 3
15   L.BUS-345: Retail Administration 3
15   L.BUS-370: Advertising/Marketing Communications 3
15   L.BUS-348: International Marketing 3
15   L.BUS-349: Consumer Behavior 3
16   L.BUS-490: Business Seminar 3
51 to 52 total required credits

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