Constitution of the Loras College Mathematics Club

Article I: Purpose

Section 1. The purpose of the Loras College Mathematics Club will be to further the interest and involvement in mathematics at Loras College.

Section 2. The Loras College Mathematics Club aims to provide a support structure, as well as a medium, through which people with an interest in mathematics may meet others with a similar interest.

Article II: Membership

Section 1. The Loras College Mathematics Club will, in no aspect of its programs, treat differently any person(s) because of race, color, national origin, disability, age, or any other classification which would deprive the person of any consideration as an individual. The club will guarantee that equal opportunity and access to membership, programming, facilities, and benefits should be open to all persons.

Section 2. There will be no limit to the number of active members at any time.

Section 3. There will be no differentiation between members due to class or class standing.

Section 4. A member will be defined as active if he/she has paid his/her dues, or made necessary arrangements to do so.

Article III: Officers

Section 1. There will be three officers: a President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer.

Section 2. The President will preside over meetings of the Loras College Mathematics Club. The President will also be chairperson of an executive committee dealing with on-campus activities. The President may form extra-ordinary committees if necessary.

Section 3. The Secretary will be responsible for taking notes during meetings and will also be the chairperson of a committee dealing with publicity and membership.

Section 4. The Treasurer will be responsible for keeping track of all available funds, as well as being chairperson for a committee dealing with off-campus activities and fund-raising.

Section 5. Any member is eligible to be elected to office; a simple majority is sufficient to elect an officer.

Section 6. An officer may be removed by a two-thirds vote and the approval of a Moderator. A vacant office will be filled by special election.

Section 7. A Vice-presidential position may be created if there exists a need; this must be unanimous among the officers and approved by a Moderator.

Article IV: Moderators

Section 1. The Moderator(s) will be selected from the mathematics faculty at Loras College and must be agreed upon unanimously by the officers. Moderator(s) shall be subject to approval by the Dean of Students.

Section 2. The Moderator(s) will be responsible for the final approval of any off-campus activity, as well as any fund allocation greater than twenty-five dollars.

Section 3. The Moderator(s) will also assist the club with liaisons with professionals and professional organizations.

Article V: Meetings

Section 1. Meetings will be held not less than once per month.

Section 2. Special meetings may be called by the President or a Moderator, and all active members must be notified at least two days before the meeting takes place. In the absence of the President, any officer may fill this function.

Section 3. A quorum will be represented by at least one officer and/or the Moderator being present, in addition to the presence of at least two active student members.

Article VI: Elections

Section 1. Regular elections will be held at the beginning of each academic year.

Section 2. All active members must be notified at least five days before an election.

Section 3. Elections may be called by the President or a Moderator.

Article VII: Finances

Section 1. Each student member will be expected to pay five dollars in dues at the beginning of each academic year. Any individual wishing to be a member of the student chapter of the Mathematics Association of America or the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics must pay the additional dues for the respective organization.

Section 2. The Treasurer will be responsible for the collection of dues as well as the disbursement of funds.

Section 3. The authorization of expenditures will rest initially with the Treasurer; a Moderator will be the final arbiter in case of dispute.

Section 4. In the event of the dissolution of the club, any funds remaining from student dues will be donated to the Loras College mathematics department.

Article VIII: Amendments

Section 1. All active members must be informed of the contents of an amendment at least five days before it is to be voted on.

Section 2. The amendment will pass on a two-thirds majority vote of present active members.

Section 3. Any amendment passed will be forwarded to the Office of Student Activities within one week of its passing.

Article IX: Ratification

Section 1. The constitution will be ratified by a simple majority vote.
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