Reflections from Alumni

Pete Zachar (’86), Ph.D.
Chairperson, Department of Psychology
Licensed Psychologist
Auburn University Montgomery
Montgomery, Alabama

What I learned as a philosophy major at Loras College still influences my life today. The department provides an extremely well-integrated curriculum. Its approach to philosophy gave me an understanding of the systematic connections between different domains of inquiry.

Philosophy majors at Loras are bequeathed an invaluable appreciation for logical rigor and theoretical comprehensiveness, and complicated questions regarding the nature of science, morality, and knowledge become like old friends.

The faculty do an excellent job of providing students a coherent perspective on the history of ideas without indoctrinating them into a prescribed viewpoint. Loras College's commitment to supporting a philosophy major speaks volumes about its academic integrity and deep respect for the core values of higher education.

Peter Brown (‘66)
Attorney, Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (retired)

One of America´s greatest thinkers and doers, Mark Twain, remarked that he never let his schooling get in the way of his education. Philosophy at Loras helped me recognize Twain´s attitude as truly philosophical and to realize the wisdom as well as the humor in what he was saying. Euro-based existentialists would later express it in terms of life-engagement, but for me, Twain´s word will do just fine and my experiences with philosophy at Loras allowed the space to follow his lead on that score.

Rick Harris (’87)
Attorney, Finley Law Firm
Des Moines, Iowa

Studying philosophy at Loras helped prepare me to be a trial lawyer in three ways. First, I learned analytical skills which allow me to write and speak effectively. Second, it provided me with confidence to tackle difficult and unfamiliar subject matters. The courses were, at times, a challenge because the subjects were not concrete. However, studying philosophy taught me to feel comfortable with the struggle to understand a new subject. Finally, the individual attention I received allowed me to excel in law school and in my practice.

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