Research Opportunities

??? What is research at Loras???

"I realize now, that research can be fun and exciting." 

Student-centered research
  • Small group, instructor-student teams, team meetings
  • "Hands-on" examination of real psychological issues
  • mental imagery
  • human memory
  • child development
  • gender differences
  • social interactions
  • peer pressure
  • disability issues
  • eyewitness testimony
Interesting Activities

**Start to finish--from generating ideas to presenting research results at research conferences

**Gathering information, research design, and research procedures

**Library research, stimulus development, data collection, and statistical analyses

**Using the computer as a data collection and analysis tool

???What are the benefits of doing research???

"I understand the importance of this experience to my understanding of the components of research and also the preparations I am making for graduate work." (from a student now attending graduate school at the University of Illinois at Carbondale)

  **Skill development: opportunities to develop analytical and writing 
      skills, and to gain in-depth understanding of research procedures. 

  **Graduate school admissions: pre-professional skills make students more
      competitive in the selective graduate and professional school admission
      environment. 98% of the students who have engaged in student-centered
      research and have applied to graduate school have been admitted!

  **Post-graduate employment: research calls on job-related skills such as
      organizational ability, leadership ability, interpersonal skills, critical
      thinking, planning and follow-through.

  **Summer research fellowships: the first of many hoped-for future research
      fellowships was awarded to a Loras Psychology major, Summer, 1998, for
      an 8- week all-expense paid research experience at Skidmore College,
      New York.

  **Publications: research published in undergraduate journals aids in
      selection for graduate schools.

  **Presentations at research conferences: students making presentations of
      their research at undergraduate and professional research conferences,
      locally and nationally (e.g., New York, Chicago, and Washington, DC) are
      acquiring credentials that enhance chances for admission to graduate
      school and are gaining skills in public speaking.

??How do I get involved in research at Loras??

Take a course!

An introduction to research is given in PSY 212, "Research Methods". This course exposes the student to the research designs, methods, and writing style used in psychology and provides practice in the implementation of the concepts through student-conducted research projects.  The course is offered every semester.  See the Loras course catalog for more information.

Get involved with a team!

"Although I had learned the basics of experimental design in Research Methods, the experience I have gained from Advanced Research Methods taught me how to apply what I had learned and taught me more about research than I could have ever learned in a lecture."

Applied research in a small group setting is achieved through PSY 351, "Advanced Research Methods". A student may enroll for 1 to 3 credit hours of applied research.  Pre-requisite is PSY 212. Weekly research team meetings provide a forum for the development of research ideas. Students help to develop stimuli, are trained to conduct experiments to collect data, code and analyze data, and produce posters and presentations for undergraduate research conferences around the country.

Get more information!

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