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The Lynch Learning Center offers two levels of service for students with diagnosed disabilities: Accommodation Services and the Enhanced Program.

Students interested in the Enhanced Program must apply to both Loras College and the Enhanced Program. Students interested in Accommodation Services apply to the College and after acceptance contact Lynch Learning Center and submit documentation, if they want to receive accommodations.

Loras recognizes the dignity of persons with disabilities and challenges them to grow in our supportive environment while developing the skills associated with active learners, reflective thinkers, ethical decision makers and responsible contributors to the Loras College community. Students utilizing disability services are, first and foremost, students of Loras College, experiencing the same rights and responsibilities as other students.

Students are expected to attend classes regularly, to report their progress honestly, and to use the services they need appropriately. Students have the responsibility and choice to self disclose their disability to professors. The Lynch Learning Center staff will communicate with a student’s professors if problems arise that need their involvement or if professors have specific questions about helping the student. However, even in challenging situations, students are encouraged to be their own advocates.

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Accommodation Services Enhanced Program
Accommodation Services are provided at no additional charge and may include note takers, extended-time testing, and/or testing in a distraction-reduced environment, texts in alternative formats, assistive technology (including Kurzweil reading and writing software), and consultation with Lynch Learning Center staff. Accommodations are determined by individual need and documentation.

No additional application is required for Accommodation Services; however, students need to contact us and submit copies of current (within the last three years) disability documentation after acceptance to Loras and before the start of classes to determine their eligibility for services.

If you are uncertain if you qualify for services or unsure you need assistance, click here for the Accommodation Services page.
The Enhanced Program is a comprehensive program designed to provide additional support for students with a primary disability of attention deficit disorder or learning disability; however, students with other disabilities will be considered. A fee is charged for the Enhanced Program.

The Enhanced Program includes a two-credit class (Learning Strategies Class) both semesters of the first-year, a weekly meeting with an Lynch Learning Center staff member, and peer tutors, as needed. In addition, Accommodation Services are provided at no charge. Students may choose to continue in the Enhanced Program after the first year with a weekly meeting and tutors.

Students interested in the Enhanced Program apply simultaneously to the College and the Enhanced Program before the December 15 priority deadline. We encourage applicants to apply early in their senior year to avoid delays. 

Take a closer look at the Enhanced Program.

Disability Services Policy Manual:
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If you have any questions about the levels of service, documentation requirements, or the application process for the Enhanced Program, contact the Lynch Learning Center at (563) 588-7134.

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