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The Loras College Health Center, staffed by two registered nurses, provides a range of health care services to the campus community. We offer health education and wellness promotion, self-care opportunities and loan medical equipment. The Health Center is available at no charge to any student who is registered at Loras College.  The nurses will assess and offer treatment, over-the-counter medication and/or a referral to a healthcare provider as needed.

Health Requirements for Students

As part of our commitment to health and wellness promotion, we want to ensure that all students are protected against communicable disease. Complete and return the Required Health Information Form including a copy of your insurance card and your vaccine record to the Loras College Health Center via mail, fax or email.  Your physician's office, high school or state health department may have a copy of your vaccine record.

Loras College follows the American College Health Association immunization guidelines: 
All students, first year, transfer, international, and continuing education/graduate students registered for more than 7 credit hours and born after January 1, 1957 must provide proof of immunity to MMR (Rubeola, Mumps and Rubella).  Students must provide an official signed and stamped record showing  proof of receiving 2 MMR immunizations on or after their first birthday and at least 30 days apart OR laboratory evidence of immunity (Rubeola and Rubella titers and Mumps IgG immune status) to the Loras College Health Center.

The Health Center will assist students needing immunizations or laboratory work.  Students will be required to pay for the immunizations or laboratory work.  Students needing both MMR immunizations must wait 30 days between shots.

Additional Requirements for International Students:
  1. All International Students are required to have health insurance and provide proof of the health insurance to the Loras College Health Center within the first two weeks of each semester.  If a student does not have proof of health insurance, the student must purchase health insurance from Loras College.  The Health Center staff will assist students who do not have insurance in the process of obtaining coverage. Click here to access the Lewer Insurance site for Loras International Students.

  2. All International Students must report to the Loras College Health Center within two weeks of arriving to campus for a baseline TB (tuberculosis) screening.  The Health Center will schedule a time for the student to have a QuantiFERON -TB Gold Test drawn.  International students are required to have a QuantiFERON -TB Gold Test completed in the United States in the past twelve months.  This is the only acceptable TB test.  Students will be required to pay for the test at the time of service.  If a student previously tested positive for TB or has been treated for active TB disease, the student must attach documentation of the test and treatment with his/her health records.  Students with positive tests will be referred to a local healthcare provider. 
The above requirements must be met before students will be able to register for classes for the next semester.  All documentation must be in English.  
Although not required, we highly recommend  that students be immunized for meningitis. Talk to your physician about the benefits of receiving the vaccination. 


All patient visits and records kept by the Health Center are confidential. The Health Center may release copies of patient records with written permission from the patient. Parents of patients eighteen years and older, parents or spouses of emancipated minors, and other next of kin will not have access to the medical record without the written consent of the patient.

Privacy of confidential information is a social, legal, and ethical responsibility of organizations that receive medical information. The Loras College Health Center has a policy to protect the confidentiality of patient data, whether it is electronic or printed information.


The faculty, staff and administration are concerned about the health of all students who attend Loras College. Students are strongly encouraged to have health insurance. At this time, Loras is not sponsoring a specific insurance plan. View the Student Health Insurance Memo.

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