Tips for Parents

Does your student have the “Sophomore Slump”?
If your student has asked you three or more of these questions during their sophomore year they might be suffering from the “Sophomore Slump”.

What am I doing here at Loras College?
Why do I have more questions now, during my second year, than when I first arrived?
Why have I picked this major? Why do I now think I don’t like this field?
Why don’t I seem to ever relax or not worry?
Why do I feel overwhelmed all the time?
Why do I not know what I want to do or be after my time at Loras College?
Why am I not having as much fun as last year?
Why do I resent my parents’ involvement in my life?
Why do I feel reluctant to accept guidance or advice?

Help your student beat the “Sophomore Slump”!
Here are some ways you can help your student beat the “Sophomore Slump”:
  • Recognize that the “Sophomore Slump” does exist and other students are going through it too. Your student is not alone!
  • Encourage your student to do some “soul searching” or “self-discovery” on why he/she is in college and why they attended Loras; at the same time remind your student why they wanted to go to college.
  • Remind your student of all he/she accomplished by surviving the first year and how much more he/she will accomplish by surviving the second year.
  • Help your student think of what is missing from his/her current situation that makes them unhappy. Ask your student what they feel is lacking from his/her life? 
  • Suggest to your student that he/she talk to a counselor, advisor or someone they trust about these issues. 
  • Have your student ask these questions: Who am I? What do I want to become? What will I be like personally, professionally, morally, spiritually, ethically and socially? Am I comfortable with these decisions? What do I need to do to get where I want to go? Where can I go for help?
  • Encourage your student to meet the 5 Sophomore Year Milestones / Checklist.
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