Miracle Families

Loras College Dance Marathon isn’t about the amount of money we raise, the number of dancers we have or how long we can dance, it’s about the wonderful families and that is why we must remember; FTK: FOR THE KIDS!

Miracle Child Spotlight:
Anna Weitz:  November 15, 2006 – May 22, 2012

Forever Dancing in Our Hearts

Anna loved to dance, swim camp and do crafts!  She loved everything
provided by the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital and spent the majority
of her 19 month battle with cancer (Rhabdomyosarcoma) at events sponsored
by Loras College Dance Marathon. 
Become a Miracle Family:  Families are the most important aspect of Dance Marathon and as we work towards making the final event happen, we also build a bond with the families we are able to work with. Before the big event, we plan special outings and activities for not only the members of Dance Marathon but for the families to get to know one another. This way we aren’t only building a relationship with us and the families but the families get a chance to form their own bonds with other families that have been through their own tough experiences.
 Connect with Loras Students:
  • Pen Pal Program:   The Pen Pal Program is a fun and exciting chance for our Miracle Families to be paired with Loras students who are participating in Dance Marathon. This is a unique experience for the children to interact with members from participating organizations.  Your child will receive letters in the mail once a month. Each month is themed and some months the organizations even send packages and videos! 
  • Tutor Program:  Duhawk DM recognizes that because many of our miracle children spend a lot of time at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital that they also miss a lot of school.  To give back to our miracle families, Duhawk DM offers free tutoring for our miracle children.   If you are interested in tutoring for your miracle child, please contact Rachel at Rachel.Moser@loras.edu.
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