This biology professor understands that, when the right resources are present, growth is inevitable.


Rev. Msgr. James Barta (’52) serves as Vice Chancellor of Loras. He is retired Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Dubuque, former Loras President, former Regent and Professor Emeritus.


     “Once a teacher, always a teacher.”

-Rev. Msgr. James Barta (’52)      
students and faculty have
received the prestigious
Fulbright Award.


Monsignor Barta is known for his many roles at Loras College – priest, counselor, Psychology professor, department chair, academic dean, President, Regent. But his passion is teaching.

“I and millions of other people believe that our Christian, Catholic faith is the most direct route to happiness, and that a faith-based education has within it the goals and guidelines that lead to happiness. These consequences show up in people’s lives.”

Monsignor Barta cites examples of conversations with alumni in which they recall an experience at Loras, in the classroom or beyond, that has influenced their lives.The examples they give are often things having to do with the spiritual or value dimensions of life – which he knows are present because of the Catholic quality of Loras.

“A place such as Loras that is faithbased and presents that faith-based education in ways that don’t alienate people, but rather attracts them – this has a tremendous impact on society, the world and the people of God.

Even though we are the best-educated generation in the history of the world, we are still woefully undereducated in spiritual matters. There is so much more to be learned.”

Monsignor Barta’s contributions, past and present, are great gifts that allow Loras to be an integral part of the learning and impact our students have on the world.

“I am one person among many contributing to the stability of the College. Right now Loras has everything but money. By increasing the financial stability of the College, we continue to make possible and expand all of the very good things Loras does as a faithbased college.”





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