Meet the Loras Student Alumni Council

Calling all Duhawks! Have you had a chance to meet a Loras Student Alumni Council member yet? My name is Miranda Heiar, and I’m currently a senior originally from Bellevue, Iowa, majoring in marketing and management I’m involved in many organizations on campus including Dance Marathon and the Breitbach Catholic Thinkers and Leaders Program, but the one organization I’d like to tell you about today is one that not many know about—the Loras Student Alumni Council.

The Loras Student Alumni Council provides opportunities to connect with alumni and educate fellow students about building a lifelong connection to Loras College. In order to be a member of this council, students must be nominated by a member of the faculty or staff. In addition, they are required to complete 10 hours of community service to the organization, donate to the Loras Fund and actively participate in council meetings and events. 

Participation and service are clearly important in order for our organization to function, but we also find particular importance in making sure every member donates to the Loras Fund. This is important not only because we are supporting an institution we all love very much, but because it gives the members a sense of ownership and understanding of the lifelong connection we are trying to build. 

We also host a large annual event called “Philanthropy Day.” On this day we plaster the campus with price tags indicating how much each building costs and how much it costs to keep it running. In addition, we have hundreds of student volunteers write “thank you” notes to donors. Our intention with this activity is to bring awareness to the impact our constituents make on the College and to “thank a donor… become a donor!” 

Being a member of this organization is very important to me in many ways. First, I am honored to have been nominated, which gives me the motivation to work even harder. Second, I am given the chance to work more closely with alumni and expand my network. Third, I am able to give back to Loras (my favorite place on the planet!) by building connections and relationships that will nurture the Loras community in the present and the future. And finally, as a senior anticipating graduation in May, I am now motivated to be an actively involved alum.

Learn more about us and meet all current members of our organization by clicking here.

I greatly appreciate all of the support that you all give - thank you!
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