Frequently Asked Questions

What can be recycled?

All clean papers can be recycled

  • White office papers and printed papers
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Newspapers
  • Phone books
  • Magazines
  • Mixed papers (Everything you can imagine from magazines to packaging is acceptable. The paper must still be clean, dry, and free of food, most plastic, wax, and other contamination.)

Steel, Aluminum Cans, and Foil
Rinsed steel and aluminum cans and foil can be recycled. It’s no longer necessary to remove the labels.

Plastic containers
Plastic numbered from # 1 to #5 and #7 are recyclable. #6 plastic containers are not recyclable. Look at the bottom of the plastic containers to find the number on them.

What can’t be recycled?
Food contaminated paper, waxed paper, waxed cardboard milk & juice containers, oil soaked paper, carbon paper, sanitary products or tissues, thermal fax paper, stickers and plastic laminated paper such as fast food wrappers, juice boxes, and pet food bags. Glass should not be recycled in the Loras campus containers. Some locations have set up special containers for glass. For more information, contact the Solid Waste Education Office at ext. 7933.

What are the climate impacts of RecycleMania?
The 58.6 million pounds of material recycled during Recyclemania 2008 prevented greenhouse gas emissions of 25,342 metric tons of carbon equivalent (MTCE) from entering the atmosphere. This equates to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions that is approximately equivalent to:

  • 15,439 passenger cars not driven for one year
  • 9,568,241 gallons of gasoline
  • 196,038 barrels of oil
  • 11,165 household electricity use for one year (number of households)
  • 588 acres of forest preserved from deforestation
  • 2,161,441 tree seedlings grown for 10 years


What happens to the materials recycled at Loras?
Recyclable paper, metal and plastics, is picked up and processed by:
Dittmer Recycling Inc
1755 Radford Road Dubuque, IA-52002

What can I do to reduce waste?
Here are some tips:

  • Drink from reusable coffee mugs or water bottles
  • Print only when necessary, using the double sided option
  • Shop with reusable bags
  • Eat and store food with reusable containers, plates, silverware, etc.
  • Purchase items with minimal packaging
  • Check products for percentage of Post-Consumer Waste (PCW) before you purchase, especially paper products (i.e. printer paper)
  • Inquire about programs to donate used printer cartridges (i.e. local schools)
  • Support suppliers with a sustainability program.

Why do plastics have a number on them if they can't be recycled?
The numbering system was designed so that plastics could be sorted according to a few broad categories. Once the system was adopted, recycling companies were able to identify plastic containers by type. Recycling companies could then separate and collect the plastic types that had sufficient market value to cover the costs of collection and transportation.

Can I recycle pizza boxes?
If the corrugated cardboard pizza boxes are clean, without food and oil particles, they can be recycled. Otherwise, they are not recyclable and should go into the trash.

Do I have to worry about the labels in recyclables?
No, you don’t have to. Don’t waste your time in sorting them out. Instead recycle more.

How does recycling help me as a Loras college student?
Loras College pays according to weight to haul waste to the landfill. If the amount of trash is reduced, so if the amount of money going to waste.
School pride; - Recycling today is the talk of the town and Loras College is on its way to going green. It’s the matter of school pride.
Responsible Contributor; - Most importantly, you're forming habits that will benefit you in the future. Municipalities are increasingly using financial incentives for recycling.

What should I do with the laundry detergent bottle?
It’s recyclable; don’t forget to take the cap off though.

What should I do with my old cell phone?
Obviously, don’t throw away in trash. There are a variety of charities that not only safely dispose of old phones, but actually put them to very good use. For more information, contact the Solid Waste Education Office at 588-7933.

Can I recycle old electronics here at Loras?
The Dubuque Metro Area Solid Waste Agency offers a drop off program for recycling electronics. You need to call 589-1720 ahead to make an appointment to drop them off.

Does stuff put in recycling bins get thrown away? Yes, if the recycling bin contains any contamination then the whole recycle bin contents goes to trash. So, be careful on how and what you throw into your recycle bin. If the contents are not contaminated, they all go to the recycling center for processing into other materials and they will not end up in the landfill.

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