Loras College Announces a New Partnership with Loyola University

Loras College Announces a New Partnership with Loyola University

Loras College is proud to announce a new partnership with Loyola University to offer Loras College students' access to the John Felice Rome Center. This prestigious partnership will allow Loras students another experiential learning opportunity that will broaden their horizons beyond the traditional classroom.

The John Felice Rome Center will offer Loras students a unique, high quality experience. Over the course of the past 40 years, the John Felice Rome Center (JFRC) has grown into Italy's premier study-abroad program. Nearly 200 students from dozens of universities across the United States attend courses each semester seeking a full-immersion learning experience. Because the Rome Center is an actual campus and academic center of Loyola University Chicago, it is fully accredited and credits earned are easily transferable to other American universities.

Students choose from more than 40 academic courses each semester and live together to form a tight-knit community in one of Europe's largest and most captivating capital cities with considerable cultural and religious importance for more than 2,000 years.

Drawing from the best in European culture, JFRC courses take full advantage of the sights, sounds, and locations in and around Rome. Amid a host of classical and contemporary studies, students are able to immediately immerse themselves in the culture and atmosphere making the learning experience welcoming and beneficial.

According to Loras College President, Jim Collins, "This new partnership with Loyola University came about because of Loras' strong academic reputation and our ongoing commitment to provide our students with opportunities to experience the world. When students are searching for a college, this partnership serves as yet one more example of how we provide distinctive, diverse and enriching educational opportunities to Loras students."

At the JFRC, students can develop a schedule that meets their individual needs by staying for a summer, a semester, or a full year. Students are able to study with faculty at sites of historical significance and they are able to select from a variety of courses including: Classical Civilization, Fine Arts, Film, Music, Fashion, Architecture, Sculpture, Communication, Political Science, History, Literature, Philosophy, Business and many other fields of study.

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