Celebrating Black History at Loras College

Loras College will be hosting several events during the month of February to celebrate achievements by black Americans and recognize the role of African-American people in U.S. history.
This year the events will be called B.L.A.C.K (Bringing Love About Cultural Knowledge) Series instead of Black History Month programming because they will not only take place in February, the official Black History Month,  but throughout the year. “Black culture and history is rich and should not be funneled into one month for celebration, but recognized and appreciated 12 months out of the year. We want to increase cultural competency by creating avenues for cultural exposures,” said Anthony Davis, director of inter-cultural programs at Loras.
The events that will take place in February are:
He Carried the Cross of Christ: The History of Black Catholicism
    Tuesday February 12, 2013 7:00pm
    Alumni Campus Center
A one-hour presentation on the history of black Catholicism. The goal for this program is to increase awareness as it pertains to African-American culture, within the mission of Loras as a Catholic college.
Louder than a Bomb Documentary
Monday February 18, 2013 7:30pm
   Mindframe Theater
This is a screening of Louder than a Bomb, a 99-minute documentary that tells the story of four Chicago high school poetry teams as they prepared to compete in the world’s largest youth poetry slam. It focuses on language as a form of release, and its ability to give someone a voice and be heard. The goal with this documentary is to encourage everyone to not only tell their story, but to be open and willing to hear someone else’s. Spoken word is an excellent way of doing so.
Louder than a Bomb Spoken Word Showcase
   Friday February 22, 2013
   St. Joseph Auditorium, Hoffmann Hall
This is the partner program to the documentary. Poets Nate Marshall, Jamila Woods and Jose Olivarez will be coming to Loras to do a spoken word workshop and perform. Each of the poets performed at the Louder than a Bomb competition, and Nate Marshall was actually featured on the documentary. This program will feature spoken word artists from each of the three colleges, Clarke, UD, and Loras, as well as students from the community. The goal with this program is to create avenues for cultural exposure to increase cultural competency. Spoken word is a captivating way for someone to tell their story and an engaging way to listen to someone’s story.
Before Dr. King: The Legacy of Paul Robeson     
   Tuesday, February 26, 2013
   Alumni Campus Center, Ballroom A
Paul Robeson presentation followed by Q&A panel. We often get caught up in some of the more prominent and well-known figures in African-American history, but there are many who have made an impact; many stories that still need to be told! Our goal with this program is to provide cultural awareness about prominent figures in African-American culture and heritage.
The different events throughout February are open not only to Loras students but also to the entire public. “We will continue to open events up to the greater community because while it’s our job to work toward creating a fully-inclusive environment at Loras, Loras is a part of the Dubuque community,” Davis explained.
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