Loras College Professor & Student Short Film to Premiere at Film Festivals in Palm Beach, New York City and Rome,Italy

Loras College Assistant Professor Seth Myers and senior Loras student Ted Wittman will be premiering their short film “Manifest” at The Palm Beach International Film Festival (PBIFF), April 4-11, 2013.  
“We are honored that our short film was selected.  We are excited to be screening our work at a festival that includes some incredible independent films from all over the world,” Myers said. 
At the 18th edition of the international film festival, organizers will present features, documentaries and short films from the U.S. and around the world, including Russia, Spain, Argentina, Italy, France, England, Israel, Thailand, Palestine, Ethiopia, Nepal, Haiti, Croatia, Australia, Canada, Romania and Singapore, and will play host to filmmakers, producers, and actors, like Myers and Wittman, to represent and discuss their films. 
"We are excited by this year's program, which reflects our ongoing mission to engage with the community, expanding and enhancing its knowledge of the world through the unique lens of independent film," said Randi Emerman, PBIFF director.
Myers and Wittman will travel to Palm Beach to participate in one of the top 25 Film Festivals in the world, to represent their short film about a young man’s realization that he must surrender control to a force larger than himself. 
“The professor-student collaboration is one of many positives that make up the Loras College experience. I love working with students on professional projects,” Myers said. 
Wittman is a Dubuque native and Hempstead High School graduate, and is not new to the spotlight. He has won multiple student-filmmaking awards that include best  short film and best director in regional festivals, which led to his inclusion in last year’s Julien Dubuque International Film Festival where he won the “Future in Film” award.
“These experiences inspired me to push my craft further,” said Wittman, who credits Jullien Dubuque International Film Festival organizers Christopher Kulovitz and Michael Coty, along with his parents and sister Tonya, as key supporters of his film career.
“At Loras, they have the means to aid in my continued education and development of filmmaking,” he said. “Professor Craig Schaefer and Professor Seth Myers have been huge influences toward the growth of the technical and conceptual quality of my work. Without my education at Loras College and Dubuque’s gravitation toward film, I wouldn’t be in the same position I am today.”

The team also recently learned that "Manifest" has been selected for the second edition of the MashRome Film Festival (MRFF) in Rome, Italy in May and in New York City in October.
“Manifest” will be screening locally at the Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival on Saturday, April 6.  For more information on “Manifest”, please see www.facebook.com/manifestshort.
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