Art and Digital Design (formerly Integrated Visual Arts)

The Art &Digital Design program is a dynamic art and multimedia design program in which students are trained for a variety of job skills in the rapidly expanding field of traditional and digital visual art and design.  We produce versatile, principled, creative problem-solvers who have demonstrated that they are easily able to switch gears and move into different artistic directions, so often a survival skill in the contemporary art and design marketplace. Our graduates are well-equipped for the professional world due to our in-depth course curriculum & experiential opportunities in the areas of studio art, graphic design and web-based interactivity.

Because of their all-inclusive Loras education, they are easily able to integrate and cross boundaries.  Upon graduating,  they will have created graphic design for clients, digital videos and animations as web-based content,  websites, 3D art installations, worked at design internships with local businesses, learned how to draw and paint and above all, think creatively. This is Art & Digital Design’s focus and strength. Our graduates have gained employment as: graphic designers, art directors, art teachers, community art organizers, and architects. Some have gone onto further graduate work in advertising, studio art, graphic design and industrial design.

  1. Students are provided with full access to a computer lab with the latest industry standard applications and equipment including Wacom tablets for design work.
  2. Every Integrated Visual Arts student is provided with his/hervery own studio space.
  3. Majors complete graphic design internships, service and community-based work, and a variety of art and design contributions on campus, locally, regionally, and abroad.
  4. Students participate in off-site and on-campus exhibitions, community-based art outreach and assist professional artists and designers.
  5. Students leave the program with a professional art portfolio & resume and the tools an artist needs to navigate their career choices and negotiate diverse job changes.


Our graduates have gained employment in occupations that include, but are not limited to: graphic designers, art directors, art teachers, community art organizers and architects.  Some have gone onto further graduate work in advertising, studio art, graphic design and industrial design.


The Art and Digital Design faculty are student-oriented with strong professional backgrounds in the fields of studio art, graphic design, and web-based interactive design.  The faculty are fully committed to producing well-rounded student artists and designers, starting with giving students a strong core foundation and extending their practices to building a variety of art & digital design projects. Faculty are well-versed using industry standard software and continue to keep up with current technology trends.  These award winning faculty members are professional practicing artists and designers. They have exhibited their work locally, nationally and internationally, and have their work in private, museum and corporate collections.  They have professional work experience as graphic designers, studio artists, curators and art directors, and continue to be fully active in the community art scene.

Graduates will be versatile problem-solvers who are young artists and designers trained to think creatively, prepared for a wide range of today's career challenges and positioned to grow into career opportunities that do not yet exist.


Major requirements and course descriptions

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