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The Biology Program offers majors in biology and biological research.  The biology major is designed for those students wishing a broad background in biology, but who do not wish to pursue a research orientation.  The biological research major is designed for students also pursuing a research experience.  An optional specialization in biology for secondary teaching is also offered.  Successful completion of a comprehensive examination given during the senior year is required of all majors.

Top 10 features of the Loras College Biology Program
  1. Hands-on learning
  2. Proven effectiveness
  3. Small class size and personal attention
  4. Local connections
  5. Laptop computers
  6. Experienced, student-centered faculty
  7. DNA lab in the building
  8. Regional and national connections
  9. Flexibility
  10. A variety of outdoor field classes
Other options possible with a Loras Biology Degree
  • Graduate School (more specific research training)
  • Secondary Education (teaching Biology in high school)
  • Work with DNR, county conservation agencies, state, federal or local conservation or government agencies (wildlife, fisheries, habitat management)
  • Work in sales or research/development in a pharmaceutical company
  • Museum education/management


Biology major requirements and course descriptions
Biology Research major requirements and course descriptions


The following are some of the opportunities Biology and Biological Research students have pursued to gain valuable experiences.
  • Summer Research Program in Microbiology at the University of Iowa
  • Various programs at the Biosciences Summer Research Program at the University of Iowa
  • Fellowships in Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation - Willowbrook Wildlife Foundation, Glen Ellyn, IL
  • Integrated Biological Sciences Summer Research Program (IBS-SRP) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Summer Laboratory Science Program at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
  • Summer Undergraduate Research Program at the Center for Protease Research at North Dakota State University
  • National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network summer research experience for undergraduates at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
  • Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURP) Program at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
  • Iowa DNR seasonal natural resources aide positions with the Multiple Species and Monitoring Project
  • Marine Biology Summer Research at Grice Marine Lab, College of Charleston, SC
  • Summer Internships with the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation
  • SeaWorld College Experience internships


Dr. Kate Cooper teaches introductory biology,
cell and molecular biology and advanced
bio-techniques in biomedical research. Her interests include proteins and cell research.; 563.588.7956
Dr. Thomas Davis is the health science advisor. He teaches human physiology, human anatomy,
a J-Term course to Costa Rica and other environmental biology courses.; 563.588.7767
 Dr. Fred Schnee teaches behavioral genetics.
He also advises students in Biology Secondary Education and serves as division chair.; 563.588.7247.
Dr. David Shealer has taught biology, vertebrate zoology, evolutionary ecology and conservation among other courses. His interest includes the ecology and behavior of aquatic birds, particularly terns (Sternini).; 563.588.7678
Dr. Aditi Sinha has taught classes in life sciences, plant biology and principles of biology. Her interests include invasive species - their ecology and management, plant population dynamics and demography and plant-animal interactions, among other topics.; 563.588.7231
Dr. Dan Wenny helps with introductory biology and experimental design and has taught bird biology and environmental science. His research interests include plant-animal interactions,
upslope migration in the Sierra Nevada, and ecosystem services provided by birds.; 563.588.7128
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