Summary of Health Science Program Application Processes
  1. Allopathic Medical School ( U. of Iowa, etc.)

    Application process really starts with the MCAT. THe MCAt is administered via computer on 19 different dates at Prometric Test Centers. The information for registering to take the MCAT is available at Application for the April MCAT is on line at Basic information about this test is shown at This site has all the MCAT info you need. Loras also sponsors MCAT Review Sessions each year here Wed. nights Dec.- March prior to the exam.

    AMCAS Application – All premed students fill out one application on line for med school which is sent to a central application service called AMCAS. Website is You designate the schools to which you are applying on the AMCAS form. These applications should be started during the summer and submitted on line by Sept. 15 at the latest. Ignore other deadlines put out by the individual schools. If you apply late, you have a very poor chance of getting in.

    Then, each school to which you applied will send you a “secondary application” asking for more info and more money. At this time, you send that back and notify Dr. Davis that a committee letter is needed. Loras writes a committee letter of recommendation to medical schools. Members of this committee are chosen by the student and should include one faculty member from each science dept (biology, chemistry, physics and math) plus two others (faculty or non faculty) from outside the sciences. This committee letter counts as one letter of rec for most schools. Usually they require 3 max. So two other letters must be asked for too. One from another faculty member who knows you and one (non family member) from a work supervisor or someone who knows you well.

    Interviews are set up early or late depending.

    Final notification is done by March 1.

    You have the option of deferring for one year and entering one year later.

    (Each individual school has individual rules that the applicant must be aware of.)

  2. Osteopathic Medical Schools (Des Moines University, etc.)

    Same as allopathic schools except you apply on line using a different central application service called AACOMAS. This website is

    More info on osteopathic medical school can be found at

    In general, procrastinators who apply late in this process have not been accepted to medical school.

  3. Dental School

    This application process usually starts with filling out the AADSAS central application service application for dental school on line at This is usually done after June. 1 the year before you plan to enter dental school. In this application you choose the schools to apply to. The schools will then start sending you information that you need to send back to them.

    All applicants must take the DAT which is given on computer at various Sylvan Learning Centers in Iowa City, Quad Cities, Madison, etc. Loras has not done committee letters for dental school. Individual letters from 2 faculty and a dentist who knows the applicant well are required. You can register for the DAT on line at

    The website for applicant info at the U. of Iowa is

  4. Physicians Assistant

    This process also begins with application to the central application service called CASPA. The website for this application is An excellent website that answers almost any question about PAs is at This is a very competitive process mostly because class size is small (usually about 32 at the U. Iowa) and there are not a lot of programs out there. The timing is about the same: apply early in the fall of senior year.

    Most PA program require the GRE General test. That should be taken early in the fall of senior year too. This test is taken on line and more information/dates can be seen at An information booklet with practice test info can be picked up in the Center for Experiential Learning in the Campus Center, second floor.

  5. Physical Therapy

    Applications should be sent directly to the schools. Most require the General GRE. This is a 2 – 2.5 year Masters degree or sometimes bachelors degree. A good website to answer many questions about PT is at

  6. Optometry

    This rewarding field has an excellent website at that describes all aspects of applying for and being an optometrist. All applicants are required to take the OAT which is described in detail at It is given twice a year at several locations in the Midwest. Application forms can be requested from each of the 17 optometry schools in the country which are listed at A shadowing experience with one or several optometrists is highly recommended.

  7. Podiatry

    This attractive,high potential field needs applicants. They have a central application service called AACPMAS which has a website at This website can also be used to answer many questions about this field. Same timing as above. Usually can apply in spring of senior year and still be accepted for the following fall.

  8. Nursing

    The current plan at Loras for those MEN and women interested in nursing is to complete a 4 year degree at Loras with a solid science background and taking the major of choice. The science courses need to include Intro Biology, 2 Sem of Gen Chemistry, 1 sem of Organic Chemistry, 1 semester of Physics, Physiology, Anatomy, Genetics, Microbiology, Statistics and 1 Sem of College Algebra or above. During the fall of the senior year, the student applies to several Accelerated Advanced Bachelors of Nursing Degree Programs in the country. This is a 12-18 month intensive course of study that awards the students a B.S.N. and qualifies the student to go on into Advanced Nursing education programs like Nurse Practitioner, Cardiac Rehab Nurse, Surgical Nurse or any other nursing specialty training program. Nurses with these degrees can almost get a job anywhere in the country at almost any hospital or health care clinic.

    The University of Iowa School of Nursing started a 16 month Accelerated program in January 2003 that leads to a Master's in Nursing. This program will take 32 students that already have a 4 yr. bachelor's degree from another school. It starts in January each year and will finish in May the following year. Yes, summer is included in the plan.

    Some websites for these programs are at Loyola, Creighton, Vanderbilt, U. Miami, U. Wisc. Madison.

    U. Iowa Nursing Anesthesia Program -

    (A true Accel. B.S.N. is under construction at Iowa set to start May 2003)

    Creighton -

    Loyola – Chicago -

  9. Veterinary Medicine

    Students have the best chance for admission to veterinary school to the state school of which they are a resident. The University of Illinois, the University of Minnesota and the University of Wisconsin all participate in VMCAS which is the central application service for veterinary schools. Specific admission procedures for these schools can be found at their websites but also at the VMCAS website at Iowa State University operates the state veterinary school for Iowa. Their application process involves sending the appropriate application materials directly to them or through VMCAS. More information on their admission process can be found at . Applications should be in by Sept. 15.

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