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English at Loras College is active and intellectually challenging. With majors in Literature and Creative Writing, we offer a rich array of in-depth coursework that develops students’ understanding of  the nuances of language and cultural study. Loras English classes engage students in stimulating discussions, writing workshops, and community encounters. 
English majors at Loras are active and engaged on campus and beyond.  A student staff edits and produces Catfish Creek: A National Undergraduate Literary Magazine. Loras English Majors share scholarship and creative writing with peers at other institutions at the annual Streamlines Undergraduate Conference in Language, Literature, and Writing.  And students can submit writings to The Limestone Review, the College’s annual creative writing and scholarship publication.  

EnglishJanuary Term English courses take students to a Native American reservation and travel writing in Guatemala, combine nature writing with digital photography, read Dickens in the original serial publication in the Loras College Special Collections and Rare Book Room, and more.  
The Loras English program also hosts interdisciplinary minors in Irish Studies and Publishing.
The English faculty are dedicated teachers, active scholars and creative writers, and serve as academic advisors and  mentors for students.

Alumni Careers & Accomplishments:

English is a valuable and marketable major. Students learn to write and speak well, to think critically, to collaborate with others and to understand diversity.  These skills are important in any career, and Loras English graduates work in a wide range of fields. Career preparation flexibility is also enhanced by the ability to combine English with other majors and minors in a four-year program. 

Loras English graduates’ accomplishments include the following:             
•   Nationally acclaimed, Tony-Award winning playwright
•   Correspondent for Los Angeles Times; head of National Public Radio News; Dean of Columbia Journalism School
•   Founder and executive director of Posada Community Center, Pueblo, Colorado
•   Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, John Carroll University                        
•   Nationally acclaimed, Shelley Memorial Award-winning poet
•   Vice President for Advancement, Lewis University
•   Principal, Johnsburg High School, Johnsburg, Illinois
•   Head of Legal Services, Dubuque, IA
•   Science Editor for
•   Earthforce, a nonprofit devoted to environmental education
•   Professor of English, Marietta College
•   Account Executive, BlissPR, Chicago
•   National Fulbright Scholar; International Student and Scholar Advisor, UW-Platteville
•   Developmental Editor, McGraw-Hill
Other common careers:  Law, business, advertising, teaching, academia, publishing, journalism, magazine writing and editing, public relations, library science, technical writing, and many more.
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