Music Scholarship  
Award is based on audition and open to all majors. Students must be accepted to the college by February 6 to be eligible to audition. Students must participate in at least one performance group as a Loras College student each semester in order to keep the scholarship.  Contact for more details.

To be considered for the Music Scholarship:
  1. You must first apply and be accepted into Loras College in order to be considered for the Music Scholarship program.
  2. Submit two letters of recommendation.
  3. Email a one to two paragraph essay to on how music has been a part of your life. 
  4. Sign-up for our music auditions.
  5. Auditon dates are February 12th and 13th.

Audition Information

Music Scholarships are available to those students who wish to continue to perform as instrumentalists, vocalists, or pianists during their college career. These scholarships require an audition for the music faculty. Auditions are held in February.

Instrumental applicants are required to prepare two pieces of contrasting styles, one that demonstrates technical abilities and one that demonstrates more lyrical qualities. In addition, instrumental students should be prepared to perform two octave scales in keys including up to 4 flats or 4 sharps.

Vocal applicants are required to prepare two solos; the level which would be performed at solo contest. Singers may select a solo in a foreign language, however this is not required.

Keyboard auditions, in addition to the two solo works, should be able to demonstrate an ability to perform scales cadencing with a I, IV, V7 progression in both major and minor keys.

Sight reading may be included in all auditions.

Scholarship Recipients are required to perform in one of the major ensembles suitable for their instrument or voice, however, they may be asked to perform in other additional ensembles as needed.

If you have questions regarding repertoire choices and other audition related concerns please contact the Loras College Music Program.

Music Scholarship / Audition Application:

Possible Major(s) / Minor(s):

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