Division of Language and Literature

The world is defined through language, and the written word is one of culture’s best representations. The study of culture and representation is essential to the Loras Division of Language and Literature. Studied as a primary focus or in support of another major, this discipline is highly regarded on job applications and indicates an ability to understand and communicate with the world around you. These are assets important no matter what career path you take.

At Loras, small class size insures that discussion, a priority of the program, plays a major part in every course and enables each student to become more comfortable with self-expression and critical debate. Few areas hone critical thinking skills more effectively than the English and foreign language division. To further supplement these programs, immersion in international study is greatly encouraged and is easily accomplished within four years.

The Literature major provides excellent breadth and depth. Period courses in medieval and renaissance literature, 18th, 19th, and 20th century British literature, and a wide variety of 19th and 20th century American literature may be followed with author-specific courses. Senior Literature majors prepare a literature portfolio with two faculty mentors.

The Creative Writing major, rare in an undergraduate setting, provides introductory and advanced course work in fiction, poetry, and nonfiction writing. Students write and polish their work in supportive, collaborative workshop classes. Senior Writing majors work individually with a mentor to write and polish a creative thesis.

The Spanish major develops students expertise in the language, literature, culture, and history of the Spanish-speaking world. Loras has developed a Study Abroad program in Santiago, Spain, and offers student opportunities to work with the Spanish-speaking and Spanish-education communities in Dubuque.

Course Descriptions and Program Requirements

English (PDF Undergraduate Bulletin page 128)
Literature (PDF Undergraduate Bulletin page 128)
Spanish (PDF Undergraduate Bulletin page 207)
Ancient Greek and Roman Studies - minor (PDF Undergraduate Bulletin page 139)
Irish Studies - minor (PDF Undergraduate Bulletin page 159)
Publishing - minor (PDF Undergraduate Bulletin page 129)
World Literature - minor (PDF Undergraduate Bulletin page 123)
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