Pre Professional Advising

Loras College Pre-Professional Advising provides the groundwork, experience and personalized guidance needed for successful admission to the professional health or law school of choice.

As a Loras student planning a career in the health or legal profession, you have unique goals and educational plans. Careful consideration and long-range planning must begin now if you wish to join the many Loras graduates practicing law, medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, podiatry, optometry, pharmacy, physical therapy, physician assistant, chiropractic medicine, nursing, and nuclear medicine.

Loras College is dedicated to providing support services for pre-law and pre-health professions students.  Our program provides resources for those students to guide their pre-professional preparation and enhance their pre-professional development.

Students are individually advised each semester with great care and attention being given to student completion of professional program prerequisites and preparation for the respective standardized tests and application processes.  The model for advising is shared responsibility and the objective is to provide the resources for students to be able to make informed decisions regarding their pre-professional pathway.
Pre-Law Advising

All American Bar Association-accredited law schools require a baccalaureate degree and the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). The ABA-LSAC Official Guide to ABA Approved Law Schools, published by the American Bar Association and the Law School Admission Council suggests students take courses that lend themselves to the creation of a context in which law may be better understood, courses that augment communication skills and courses that sharpen analytical skills. There is a common consensus that a broad-based academic experience well grounded in the liberal arts provides the best preparation for law school. All programs offered at Loras College can offer such an experience.

The St. Thomas More Society student-run organization assists with pre-law advising and activities for students continuing on to law school.

Contact us to assist you in all phases of your undergraduate experience, and in preparation for successful admission to the law school of your choice.

Learn more about our Pre-Law program.
Pre-Health Professions Advising

To assist students in their pre-health professions path, the following are offered:
  • Regular advising sessions with the health science coordinator/faculty advisors
  • Campus visits from Admission Officers of the health professions schools
  • Campus visits from local Health Science Professionals
  • Visits to various health professions schools
  • Application and Interviewing Workshops and Mock Interviews
  • Resources on career choice, schools, and admissions requirements
  • MCAT prep courses
  • Opportunities for students to investigate the health profession of choice
  • Opportunity to join the Health Science Club
  • Contact us to assist you in all phases of your undergraduate experience, and assist in preparing for successful admission to the health profession school of your choice.

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