"Being in the Loras College Enhanced Program has been a great experience for me. I have been aware of my learning disability since I was about five years old and have been in programs like these throughout my school years, but my parents and I would have to say that this program has been the best. Your classmates are all in the same boat, so you can really connect with them through the Learning Strategies class and stay in touch with them throughout your college life. The staff is wonderful. They are very supportive and helpful. They always know what to say and can suggest other options if they can't help. They always greet you with a smile and ask you how you are doing. I really like the one-hour meetings because I feel I have a weekly tutor. In short, I know my parents and all the students and their families out there would join me in saying that this program is one of the best." – Loras graduate

"One of the highlights of my fifteen years of teaching at Loras College has been the opportunity to work with the students and staff of the Enhanced Program. From working with the students, I have developed a much better understanding of what true learning is and the different ways in which it can be accomplished. From the staff in the Lynch Office, I have learned to appreciate and respect the uniqueness of each student. I have no doubt that I'm a much better teacher because of my involvement with the Loras College Enhanced Program." - Dr. Andrew Auge, Associate Professor of English

"As a parent, I was seeking a college that would teach my children in a method where they could find success and advocates within the system. My prayers were answered with Loras College and their Enhanced Program. The rich, multi-disciplinary, dedicated and gifted staff members were effective in helping individual students with different educational needs succeed. The staff members' strong commitment, energetic approach, accessibility, intervention strategies and high standards enabled our children to believe in themselves and reach their true potential." - Parent of Loras graduates

"The program provided me with a family of faculty and friends that not only understood my struggles as an LD student, but at times fought my battles alongside me. This community was like my home away from home. There were times when I struggled and started giving up on myself and my dreams, but the staff stood firmly by my side and, like a parent, continued loving me. I have had the opportunity to attend many schools and experience a variety of LD programs, but never have I seen a program remotely as successful as the Loras Enhanced Program. Early in the program I discovered who I was, how I learned and thought and how to apply that knowledge, not only to my academics, but to my personal life as well. Most importantly, the program helped me understand who I wanted to be. Although I have graduated from Loras and moved on to pursue my MBA, I still find my primary source of support is the Loras Enhanced Program." - Loras graduate

"Our son was enrolled in the Enhanced Program at Loras in the late 1990s. The choice turned out to be fortuitous. Because of the comprehensive and enlightened advisory system, he acquired the organizational and study skills to master college course work. He was passing, but still struggling, in the first semester of his sophomore year when his advisor suggested that he be tested for ADD without hyperactivity. Her observations proved to be correct. Treatment of his ADD combined with the skills he had acquired at Loras and his own determination enabled him to increase his GPA by 2 points in a semester. He went on to study abroad and graduate in 4½ years, cum laude. The program extended beyond academics when his advisor helped him overcome a terrible bout of homesickness early on when he found the transition from the East to the Midwest more difficult than anyone had envisioned. I am convinced that had it not been for the Loras LD Program, our son would have been one of the college students who 'fall through the cracks'. I feel that this is one of the best support programs in the country for college-bound LD students." - Parent of Loras graduate

"Having a learning disability may be the most frustrating aspect in a person's life. If you are like me, your teachers may say you're a daydreamer, unmotivated and inattentive...and the truth is that you really want to learn and need some extra help and attention. It wasn't until I was a part of the Loras College Enhanced Program that I finally felt accepted as a student. This special program gave me the attention I needed to learn material in a way that worked for me, and my frustration level subsided. The Loras Enhanced Program provided me with one-on-one personal help in which I was able to focus on my strengths and find the confidence to work on my weaknesses without feeling bad about needing what other students can do on their own. For the first time, I was taught how to learn!" - Loras graduate
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