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An affiliation agreement between Loras College and Allen College facilitates the seamless transfer of qualified Loras students to Allen College to earn a dual degree from both institutions. Completion of the program will award a Bachelor of Science in Biology (BS) from Loras and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from Allen.

Communication is ongoing between Loras and Allen College administration, faculty, and staff. The affiliation agreement provides admission clarification and involvement in housing and student activities.

3+1 program: students earn a BS from Loras and a BSN from Allen College (Loras and Allen have agreed on which courses can transfer back to Loras in order to complete the BS degree) This program includes three academic years at Loras and an accelerated academic year (and summer sessions) at Allen College. The program assures qualified Loras College students of admission to either the 15-month option or the 5-semester traditional option of Allen College’s BSN degree program.

For more information on any of this information, please contact Patti Burgmeier, Health Science Coordinator, Loras College @ 563-588-7040 or email at


Allen College requires a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25 for admission into their nursing program. Grades are presumed to be indicators of ability, motivation, achievement and time management skills, as well as predictors of your performance in more difficult professional programs ahead. Your GPA should be calculated for you each year on your transcript, which also allows you to calculate what grades you need to attain a target GPA. One low grade or even a poor semester does not mean that you should give up all hope. If you have difficulty with a course, it is your responsibility to seek help! A useful first step is to meet with your instructor during office hours. Head off problems early.

Time management and studying science successfully are HUGE factors in getting top grades especially if you are involved in extracurricular activities.
Helpful tips in studying science can be found on the following website:

CNA Certification

Allen College requires students to have a Professional Licensure in Nurse’s Aide (CNA) before applying (end of second year) to their program. Most community colleges offer Nurse’s Aide courses for licensure. Listed below are some of the programs:


Eastern Iowa Community college (Clinton, Scott, and Muscatine County):

Kirkwood Community College:

Des Moines Area Community College (Nurse Aide Orderly):

Other Iowa Community Colleges follow this website below:

Illinois Community College listings:

Minnesota Community College listings:
(most licensure information can be found under continuing education)

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