Private College 529 Plan

Loras College is a proud participant in the Private College 529 plan. It offers a guaranteed way to purchase tuition at today's rates. You get tomorrow's tuition at today's prices, for up to 30 years after it was purchased–guaranteed.

It's a new way to pay for a child's future education costs. Private College 529 Plan allows you to prepay tuition today that your child can later use at any member college. It provides a guarantee against tuition inflation, and the flexibility to choose from some of the nations' top colleges. Private College 529 Plan has no start-up fees, no maintenance fees, and no annual fees – and is free from federal taxes. Please visit the Private College 529 Plan website for full details of the program.

Nearly 300 private colleges and universities are working together to offer parents the chance to lock in future tuition costs at private colleges. The Independent 529 Plan, approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission, allows participants to buy certificates representing a portion of tuition at any of the participating colleges.

When looking at how the Tuition Plan’s certificates work, if parents were to buy their newborn a certificate for $10,000, then, at 18, the child selected a school that had charged $20,000 per year in tuition back at the time the parents purchased that certificate, the certificate would be guaranteed to be worth half a year’s tuition no matter how much tuition has increased over the 18 years. If the child chose a school that cost $10,000 at the time of purchase, the certificate would pay for one full year of tuition. The certificates are not identified with a specific school until the time of enrollment. 

Students who select non-participating colleges and universities, including public institutions, can cash in their certificates without penalty, but only if used for educational expenses, per federal regulation. Certificates can also be transferred among immediate family without penalty.

For more information about the Plan, visit or call 1.888.718.7878.

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