Loras for Literacy

The Loras for Literacy program is designed to help educate future early childhood and elementary teachers, as well as current teachers, to be better prepared in teaching basic literacy skills to all children. The program also focuses on better preparation in working with diverse learners, and those who are struggling as readers, through mutually beneficial local partnerships.

A synopsis of the activities under previous grants from Verizon and the United States Department of Education; Family Reading Nights, Children's Theatre Program, Summer Reading Camp, Technology Enhanced Classrooms, and After-School Reading Clinic.

Partnerships with schools in our community have included:

  • Loras College/St. Anthony’s After-School Tutoring Program
    Loras College Education students are providing one-to-one tutoring for elementary students in grades 1-5 from St. Anthony’s Elementary School in Dubuque, Iowa as part of an after-school program. The focus of the program includes reading comprehension skills and fluency instruction.

  • Loras College/Resurrection Elementary School Partnership
    Students in reading prictica are providing reading instruction to 1st and 2nd grade students at Resurrection Elementary School in Dubuque, Iowa.
  • Loras College/Lincoln Elementary School After-School Tutoring Program
    Loras College Education majors are providing after-school tutoring to 1st graders at Lincoln Elementary School in Dubuque, Iowa.  The program features a software program called Headsprout, which is an intensive literacy instruction program, focused on improving phonemic awareness, decoding, and fluency skills for elementary students.
  • Loras College/Lincoln Elementary School Tutoring Partnership.
    Reading students from EDU 337 Reading Across the Curriculum are working in pairs throughout the semester to tutor third, fourth, and fifth grade students at Lincoln Elementary School. The project includes an initial assessment of the reader’s text level, comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency; planning instruction for each tutoring session based on assessment and progress monitoring results; teaching comprehension, fluency and vocabulary strategies; documenting and reporting the student’s progress.

  • Loras College/Holy Ghost After-School Literature Circles Program
    Education students at Loras College are facilitating a literature circle program with 4th and 5th grade students at Holy Ghost Elementary School in Dubuque, Iowa.  Each literature circle is focused on a common book read by the elementary students and a discussion about the book is facilitated by a Loras College student.  There will be three different common readings throughout the school year.  Each literature circle is three weeks in length.
  • Technology Enhanced Classroom-Holy Ghost Elementary School
    Holy Ghost Elementary School in Dubuque, Iowa is collaborating with the Loras College Division of Education to provide a technology enhanced classroom to their students.  The technology includes an interactive Smartboard and IBM Thinkpad computers for each student in the classroom.  The technology rich classroom will utilize a constructivist learning approach and problem-based learning to provide meaningful learning opportunities for students.  Faculty in the Loras Division of Education will provide professional development opportunities for faculty at Holy Ghost Elementary School. 
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