The cost of higher education is a topic of current national
debate. At Loras, we honor our mission by using resources wisely to provide a holistic experience for each student and delivering extraordinary outcomes.

Doing this requires ensuring student access through need- based financial aid, and hiring and retaining top-notch faculty and staff.

For most of our students, paying for a college education is a real challenge. Twenty percent of our students will be the first in their family to earn a college degree – consistent with our mission and a point of pride for Loras. However, the income of the typical family of a Loras student has stagnated or declined during the last decade. In fact, Loras families have incomes that are less than the families of students attending public universities in Iowa. This means that our students and their families make a significant financial sacrifice to receive the kind of education Loras delivers.

We are proud of our caring and dedicated faculty. We need your support to increase their compensation so that

Loras College can compete when attracting and retaining great instructors, and to ensure dynamic teaching careers.

Today, 83% of our students require some form of need-based assistance.
As a result, student aid is the secondlargest component of our annual budget, totaling almost $20 million this year. While many colleges are able to rely on payout from their endowments to cover most of the cost of student financial aid, the Loras endowment covers less than five percent of financial aid granted to our students.

– The current average annual salary of a full-time, tenured Loras faculty member is $58,351. The national average is $74,870.

– Loras instructors fresh out of graduate school typically receive $40,275, compared to a U.S. average of $55,455.


of Loras College students are accepted into graduate and professional schools or are employed within 12 months after graduation.

– Mediation is basking in a #2 finish nationally and an International trip with Boston University to represent the U.S. They regularly compete and win against competitors like the University of Wisconsin–Madison and the University of Iowa.

– Mock Trial has finished as high as #3 and regularly finishes in the top 15 among all U.S. colleges/ universities, recently beating out Duke and Harvard universities.

– The Men’s Soccer Team is
ranked #2 in the country in NCAA Division III.

– Accounting students recently had the highest pass rate on the CPA exam of any private college in the state.

– Loras’ creative writing students produce Catfish Creek, one of only 10 national undergraduate literary Magazines in the country.

– Sports Management finished first in the nation in case-study competitions three of the last four years, beating out schools including the University of Massachusetts, the University of North Carolina and  Duquesne University.

– The Women’s Soccer Team is ranked #11 in the country in NCAA Division III.

– Loras’ Intercollegiate Athletic program consistently finishes in the top 10% among all 450 NCAA Division III institutions in the Learfield All-Sports Competition.



Diocesan colleges in the United States.

– Aside from a wide variety of courses that incorporate Catholic principles, Loras requires a core course in Catholic identity that all students complete.

– Answering the Church’s call to a new evangelization, the campus annually hosts a Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) missionary team.

– A variety of faith-enhancing studyabroad opportunities is offered, including studying sacred spaces in Italy and the Way of St. James in Spain.

– An active Campus Spiritual Life Office offers retreats, daily Mass, Peace and Justice activities, Bible study, RCIA, Eucharistic adoration and service trips.





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  • The Loras Fund


Gifts to the Loras Fund provide immediate support for critical annual needs including student aid, expert faculty, technology resources and student services. This fund supports the innovative and resourceful programs that inspire our students to become better scholars, ethical leaders, more productive employees and engaged world citizens.