These Loras grads apply their educations to help shape future generations of leaders.

“There is a charisma at Loras that really seems to push each of us to become better versions of ourselves.”

-Craig Schaefer (’89)    


Craig and Joan Schaefer are alumni who support Loras College in countless ways – financially as advocates of the College’s programs and mission, and perhaps more uniquely with a commitment of time and devotion through Craig’s role as Professor of Communication Arts and as Director of Loras College Television (LCTV) and Loras College Productions.

“Loras was critical in forming who we are today. We had professors who really challenged our assumptions of the world but were remarkably personable in doing so. We both grew up in very small towns, and to have our eyes and hearts opened to the diversity of the world was critical in shaping us. Of course, so many deep and valued friendships were also fostered and remain vitally strong to this day.”

The Schaefers believe the combination of academic rigor and faith development provided at Loras are critical ingredients for success in any field.

Joan was particularly involved with campus ministry activities as a student. Craig recalls his prayer life as significantly impacted by the models around him.

“Back then, we didn’t articulate the Loras dispositions the same way we do now, but the underlying substance was exactly the same – become active learners, reflective thinkers, ethical decision-makers and responsible contributors. Those are the values that really helped define us in the many roles we take on today, and we are always thankful for that.”

As a professor at Loras, Craig has the opportunity to witness that same development in today’s students. Under his mentorship, Media Studies students consistently net local, regional and national accolades; earn top internships; and produce valuable professional work while at Loras and after graduation.

For example, LCTV is the most honored college program in Iowa, consistently garnering awards including Best Collegiate News Station, Television Station of the Year, Best Newscast and Best Multimedia Organization of the Year (with The Lorian).

Six student films were chosen for screening at local, national and international film festivals in 2013.

And Loras College Productions’ Man of Deeds documentary film series about BishopMathias Loras won numerous awards and has become part of the historical fabric of the College.

“Loras students are remarkably well-suited to make tremendous contributions to their communities and to their fields in an even greater context. Students who have the ability to apply that knowledge in a socially responsible manner are exactly what the world is calling for.

“We continue to be enriched and blessed by the many, many people who came before us at the College. And when you know your life has been impacted so greatly, it’s easy to say you wish the same for thousands of current and future students.

“We appreciate the opportunity to give back to the institution that was, and continues to be, so instrumental in forming us.”

Craig (’89), Professor of Communication Arts, and
Joan (’89) (Havel) Schaefer. Craig has been on
faculty since 1993.

among Midwest baccalaureate
institutions in U.S. News Media
Group rankings.






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