There are a number of days during the school year when Discovery Retreats take place.

For Discovery Retreat Dates please contact: The Office of Campus Ministry (563) 588-7650

Retreats at Loras

Throughout the year, Campus Ministry offers opportunities to participate in all-student retreats and one for all members of the Loras Community to attend a retreat.  For each retreat except the new student retreat, students are asked to pay a fee to aid in covering expenses.  For additional details, contact Debbie Gross at, Campus Ministry 563-588-7934.


ANTIOCH – Patterned after the text in Acts of the Apostles (2:42), the Antioch weekend strives to involve continued practice of faith into adulthood.  The retreat is student-planned and driven. Activities include talks by the students on Christian life and its integration into the life of a student with opportunities to discuss, question and reflect, opportunities for the sacrament of reconciliation and Eucharist on Sunday morning.  Antioch team members assemble a prayer journal for the weekend and enlist a network of prayer support for the retreat participants that lasts through the retreat.  The effects of the retreat are visibly demonstrated by the number of Antioch alumni who return to assist with future Antioch and Journey retreats, as well as in those who enjoy a more regular practice of their faith.


DISCOVERY – Discovery is a program of retreats for high school students that are going through the confirmation process at their parish.   Teams of college students are trained to put on a retreat day for these confirmation students.   This year, instead of going out to the parishes to do the retreats, we have invited the parishes to bring their students to Loras for the retreat day.   There will be 2 - 4 parishes with a total of 80 to 90 candidates at each retreat.   This will give the candidates a chance to meet students from other parishes that are also going through confirmation.   It is also an opportunity for them to get away for a day and visit the Loras College Campus.   The Discovery (Confirmation) retreat includes talks, small group discussions, ice-breakers and activities that help the candidates to reflect and discuss their faith.   The Loras team of students works to help the high school students to find answers to questions about typical life issues of teens.   The retreats will be held from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 pm. including the celebration of liturgy.

Fall Reflection Days

FALL REFLECTION DAYS – This retreat is an opportunity to learn to recognize God in your daily activities, to pray with scripture, and to become a better disciple of Christ. You will focus on three important components: prayer-scripture, quiet time with God, and a having a spiritual guide. When you pray using these three elements, you can strive to be open to celebrating God’s presence in your life. This retreat is built into a regular week of classes. Students read the scripture and reflection in their journals before meeting with a spiritual guide each day for 30 minutes.


JOURNEY RETREAT – Journey is a retreat unlike any other. It is contemplative in nature, recognizing that faith is a gift from God and is deepened through the course of life’s tribulations and trials. This retreat process encourages the individual to experience a more intense relationship with God through discovering the tools for your life journey – forms of prayer and prayerful decision making. It allows for a more serene, reflective time, while encouraging the support of the retreat community.
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