Service Opportunities

Service Trip Opportunities:

Camden, NJ

East Camden, New Jersey – This trip works with the Romero Center and combines volunteer service in the city with work, study and prayer. During the day, the team works at a variety of work sites in Camden and the Philadelphia area. In the evening, they discuss urban poverty, social and economic justice and reflect on our call, as disciples, to embrace a 'preferential option for the poor'. They also tour the city and listen to people from the community tell their stories about living in Camden.


Croix des Bouquet, Haiti – The Haitian Project-Louverture Cleary School involves working in a co-educational, Catholic boarding school which nurtures academically talented and motivated students from the poorest Haitian families to maximize their potential and enable them to work toward building a Haiti where justice and peace thrive. Team stayed within the school compound (walled campus) and worked alongside the students and staff on campus improvements and labor-intensive projects. Pre-trip preparation is facilitated is facilitated by staff from the Haitian project; it involves 5 required sessions. Due to the higher cost, the team does more fundraising and program presentations (for funding) as a group.


Flores, Honduras – The trip to Flores, Honduras involves working with Mission Honduras schools & programs, an organization that provides services to the people in this rural area. The team serves the community in many different ways. They spend time with the children at our various sites around the Comayagua Valley, visit English classes, partake in daily spiritual activities, work on labor projects, visit the local towns, and do sports and crafts with the children.

McKee, KY

McKee, Kentucky – The Appalachia Trip to McKee, KY is the longest standing trip in Loras’ Service Trip history, this trip is focused on helping the local residents at St. Paul’s Parish. Students work on housing improvements, visit with the elderly and learn about the Appalachian people. Students also organize a Thanksgiving dinner and entertainment for residents of the area.

New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana – We are working with the New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity on the St. Bernard’s Recovery Project. The St. Bernard’s community was one of the hardest hit by Hurricane Katrina, with significant structural damage to 100% of its residential and commercial units. The team will focus on cleaning out/building homes of the elderly and disabled of the area. The team will stay at Camp Hope while they help with the projects.

Selma, AL

Edmundite Mission Corps, Selma, AL – This is an opportunity to work with the Edmundite Mission Corps in Selma. Once a prominent site in the Civil Rights Movement, Selma is now a predominantly African American, rural, Southern community which experiences high unemployment and school drop-out rates. The team assists with home repairs throughout the community and outreach in local high schools, as well as learn about the history and culture of the area.

Vanceburg, KY

Vanceburg, Kentucky – On this trip to Glenmary Farm in Vanceburg, KY, hundreds of volunteers take part in a spring-break immersion experience that blends service, prayer and a simple community lifestyle at the Glenmary Farm. The team works on construction projects, in nursing homes and adult day cares, and on many other activities around the farm and in the community. In the process of learning about the Appalachian culture, students often find that they learn a lot about themselves and the people they are serving.

New Orleans J-term

This trip is in conjunction with a J-term class. The class not only spends time learning about Hurrican Katrina and its effects, but they also travel to New Orleans to do service.

Pilsen J-term

This trip is in conjunction with the J-term class. This class focuses on urban needs. As part of the class, students travel to the Pilsen neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois and work with underprivileged children

Approximate Service Trip Dates:

McKee, KY - Thanksgiving
Croix des Bouquet, Haiti - January
New Orleans, LA (January-term)
Pilsen - Chicago, IL (January-term)
Camden, NJ - Spring Break
Flores, Honduras - Spring Break
New Orleans, LA - Spring Break
Selma, AL - Spring Break
Vanceburg, KY - Spring Break

Local Service Opportunities:


Reach Out – Reach Out is an opportunity to visit with the elderly in retirement homes around Dubuque. Spend time playing card games or board games and chatting with the residents. While this program takes place multiple times each week, this is a great program because it is not a program where you have to commit to going each week. Students are able to come whenever they can. Currently Loras students go to three different retirement homes each week making service in the community very accessible.


Hope House – In collaboration with the Father Ray Herman Peace and Justice Center, this opportunity allows students, faculty and staff, and student organizations to prepare a weekly meal and eat with the current residents at the Hope House in Dubuque. The Hope House is a temporary shelter for women and children in current need. Students can donate items that the shelter needs throughout the year as well.
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