Students in the 3+2 program will be charged undergraduate tuition and receive undergraduate financial aid until they complete their undergraduate degree requirements. Once students have completed their undergraduate degree requirements, they will be considered graduate students and will pay the graduate tuition rate (with associated graduate financial aid). The predicted number of undergraduate credits for a 3+2 student is 128 which includes general education and major requirements. The anticipated number of graduate credits for a 3+2 student is 35. View current undergraduate and graduate tuition rates.

Eligibility for full-time undergraduate status during the fourth year requires that the student take at least 12 credits per semester (if less credits are taken, financial aid will be proportionately decreased). Institutional aid from Loras College is awarded to undergraduates for up to four years. Federal and state aid for undergraduates is based on undergraduate eligibility and Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements.

Anticipated additional fees for students enrolled in the 3+2 MAT program (subject to change):

Typhon Software Membership (one time)$100
Clinical Education Fee per credit hour for ATR 601, 602, 603, 604, 605, and 606$21
Liability Insurance (annual)$40
Equipment & Clothing Fees (annual, will vary by student)$100
BOC Practice Exam (one time)$30
CPR Certification (one time, if student is not certified upon entry into the program)$40
Background Check & Drug Screening (one time)$135
NATA Student Membership (annual)$80
Clinical Education TravelTBD

Typhon is software explicitly designed for CAATE-accredited programs facilitating student and program assessment. Enrollment in Typhon and payment of the one-time fee provides access to the program for five years and includes educational tools to assist you in your academic progression and prepare you for employment post-graduation.

The CAATE accreditation standards require that you purchase a liability insurance policy during the professional phase of the entry-level program.

Clinical Experience courses ATR 601, 602, 603, 604, 605, and 606 will be located at various clinical sites and include experiences outside of campus, in Dubuque and the greater tri-state area. Loras MAT students must provide their own transportation to assigned clinical sites and be responsible for any associated travel costs. Please refer to the student handbook for further information on required travel associated with clinical experiences.