Challenge yourself to better understand the dynamics of peaceful conflict resolution at the interpersonal, local, national, and international levels, especially within the context of the Catholic tradition. Make connections between genuine peace and a just social order, one marked by equality, liberty, dignity, security, civility, and sustainability.

This minor incorporates an experiential component beyond the classroom, one that sees students doing peace and justice oriented internships, immersive trips, and other experiences. In addition, many students apply for the Valder Social Justice Award summer projects with organizations across the country.    

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Our interdisciplinary minors are designed to offer you a unique opportunity to study beyond your chosen major and gain a broader and more comprehensive understanding of complex societal issues and topics.

The variety of coursework available in the peace and justice minor offers connections to all the Loras College dispositions. It places a unique emphasis on student growth as active learners and reflective thinkers, offering you the opportunity to understand the dynamics of peaceful conflict resolution through a variety of disciplinary lenses and draw connections across courses.

Service & Social Justice

Loras is dedicated to peace and justice, and we are called to do our part to build a sustainable world where conflict is reduced, and resolution is more easily achieved. We offer many opportunities for you to get involved.

  • Fr. Ray Herman Peace & Justice Center
  • Peace & Justice House
  • Peace & Justice Week
  • Valder Social Justice Award