Learn. Serve. Lead.

Loras is an innovator and leader in Catholic liberal arts education, where faith, scholarship, and creativity seamlessly merge. We are committed to fostering a community where every member is beloved and accepted. We promote diversity, equity, and inclusion to create a culture of respect and understanding.

Duhawks Are


Work collaboratively with your peers and professors to ask questions, explore, experiment, and think creatively through problem-solving, debates, discussions, and simulations.


Gain a deeper understanding of your own thoughts, feelings, and behavior by identifying patterns, themes, and connections.


Let your moral principles and values guide you to act with justice and compassion and make decisions based on truth, respect, responsibility, excellence, and service.


Develop your talents and share them with others with a sense of accountability, integrity, and a commitment to the greater good.


Loras, as a Catholic liberal arts college, creates a community of active learners, reflective thinkers, ethical decision-makers, and responsible contributors in diverse professional, social, and religious roles.


Inspired by the Catholic intellectual tradition and rooted in the transformative power of learning, Loras enriches lives and serves humanity.


The Loras College community embraces core values of truth, respect, responsibility, excellence, and service, defining the way we work, behave, and relate with others.

Loras College Hallmarks

1. The Loras Experience

Rooted in the transformative power of learning, Loras creates an atmosphere where faith, reason, and scholarship can seamlessly connect. Motivated by our Catholic faith, Loras provides a culture of compassion and care for each other and participates in each other’s lives.

2. Academic Distinction

Loras helps you strengthen the connections between theory and practice from the very beginning. You will communicate with confidence, think critically, write with clarity, research with accuracy, and dialogue with respect.

3. Community For All

Loras is committed to creating an environment where every member is beloved and accepted. Grounded in the Catholic intellectual tradition and guided by Catholic social teaching, the Loras community supports diversity, equity, and inclusion, creating a culture of mutual respect and understanding for one another. This is a shared vision and a shared responsibility inspired by the life of Jesus.

4. Find Your Vocation

The search for your vocation is not just a destination but a lifelong pursuit that prepares you for a meaningful and fulfilling future. You are empowered to pursue your interests and positively impact the world through engaging classes, meaningful extracurricular activities, and deep connections with faculty and fellow students.

5. Affordable Education

Loras values your education, so we offer a high-quality education that delivers a strong return on investment. We partner with every student and family to understand your unique financial needs. We work to offer the best financial aid package from the outset.

6. Forever a Duhawk

Being a Duhawk means you have a lifelong connection with an incredible community. At Loras, you are surrounded by others committed to participating in your life, willing to act on your behalf and share in your successes and challenges.

7. City of Big Possibilities

Dubuque is a vibrant city located along the bluffs of the Mississippi River. It is a significant hub in the tristate region, providing additional advantages, including proximity to rural communities and major cities and access to a broad range of culture, entertainment, employment, and recreation.

Loras Motto

Pro Deo et Patria
For God & Country