Loras integrates learning inside the classroom with experiences from the community, workplace, and world.

We work with you to identify the experiences that will challenge and expand your knowledge. We encourage you to engage in the valuable learning associated with academic internships, service learning, and study abroad. Through these experiences, you will discover your interests and be empowered to own and intentionally shape your education.

Dublin, Ireland study abroad


Who can intern?

Depending on your total accumulated credits and GPA, you can receive elective credit and valuable professional experience with internship course options.

Students who are required to take an internship for their major should contact your academic advisor for more information.

Where do students intern?

Dubuque and surrounding communities offer opportunities in non-profit and for-profit businesses. Nationally, students regularly complete internships in their hometowns across the country.

Students who study abroad in Ireland participate in internships in your program. In addition, international students may participate in credited internships in their homeland.

How can internship positions be found?

The Center for Experiential Learning offers workshops on finding and preparing for internships and career positions. To request a one-on-one meeting to explore internship options specific to your interests, contact Jennie Weber.

Access Dubuque provides a filter for searching for internships in the Dubuque area.

Loras uses a career services portal as a primary source for internship and employment opportunities. Postings are updated regularly. 

LinkedIn has proven to be a successful tool for internship searches.

Internship questions? Let’s talk.

We realize transitioning from high school to college to a full-time career can seem like an overwhelming gap. Let us help you find that internship to build the bridge!

Students seeking more information on internships or wishing to schedule a personalized internship conversation, or employers seeking to connect with Loras College for internship offerings, are invited to contact:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Loras College does not limit the number of internships students may take. Use multiple semesters to explore career options.
  • Credited internships include coursework designed to guide students through career discernment and vocational awareness.
  • Each credit requires a minimum of fifty hours of work for the site. In just ten hours a week, students can accumulate enough hours for a 3-credit internship.
  • Two course options exist to provide appropriate guidance through the internship experience.
  • Elective credit internships are pass/fail, maybe be taken for 1 to 4 credits, and are supervised by the academic internship coordinator in the Center for Experiential Learning.
  • Internships within the major (required or elective) may be pass/fail or letter-graded, are usually taken for at least 3 credits (but other options may be available) and are supervised by a faculty member from that department.
  • All non-required internships are registered through the Academic Internship Application available through the student’s College Central Network account.

Jennie Weber, MSEd
Academic Internship Coordinator

Community-Based Learning

You will gain a deeper understanding of community and societal issues and develop a response and commitment to addressing them. Community-based learning opportunities occur locally, nationally, or internationally through coursework, internships, and volunteering.

Community-based learning provides hands-on experiences that connect classroom lessons to real-world contexts. By engaging with community partners, you can apply your knowledge to solve authentic problems, develop empathy and civic responsibility, and gain skills for career readiness.

Additionally, Loras College was recognized as a Special Partnership Honoree for Excellence in AmeriCorps Programming and Service as part of the Dubuque National Service Partnership.

Community-based Learning Courses

Academic courses at Loras incorporate outreach to the community. These courses come from various academic disciplines and require engaging with the community. Just a few examples of community-based learning courses include:

  • An English literature course challenging students to write strategically, thoughtfully, and ethically in community work and social justice efforts.
  • A creative media course encouraging students to produce award-winning videos by working with non-profit agencies throughout the community who want to share their stories with a broader audience.
  • Honors courses focused on transformative community impact and student learning.

Volunteering & Local Service

Get involved in student organizations and the local community. We have resources and guidance to help you learn more about opportunities to serve. Volunteering can be very rewarding and necessary for a strong and thriving community. Our Spiritual Life opportunities and other local volunteering allow you to connect with your community to make a difference and lead.

Explore More with TREC

Loras offers a variety of service and social justice experiences throughout the year. TREC stands for think, reflect, engage, and connect—reflecting the depth of experience you encounter on these immersion trips.